Please someone help

I am hoping someone can help. I have bought the Storm Island DLC however it does not show in game. The tab is greyed out and the icon to travel there from the dock in Nice is not there. All DLC including the expansion are 100 percent installed. I have tried the following.

Hard reset.
Cleared cache.
Full re-install of game
Full re-install fully patched being launching game.
uninstalled DLC and re-install DLC
Finishing the championship I am on then entering a new road trip.
Nothing sees to work…
When I re-installed the game I was prompted to install a 2.9 gb patch. I do not know whether this includes the 1.3gb for the expansion.

When I go into market place in game shows that I have purchased the DLC, however I cannot access it. If I try to buy one of the cars it tells me to go to the location first however I cannot. I can see that others have had the same problem WITH NOTHING from Playground Games. I am about to give up on the game. Hopefully someone can help, this is so frustrating and I have spent so much time trying to get this DLC working Thanks in advance.