Please Help?!

I’m currently still waiting on receiving the Modern GT Hurrican from those events a while back on Forza Motorsport 6. I completed multiple event races at the time an I received a message stating that I earned this car, but I saw nothing in my garage. My GT is XGC BEHEMOTH. If there is anything you guys can do that would be amazing. Also I pre-ordered Fast and Furious last August in hoping to obtain Dom’s 1970 Dodge Carger the one with the blow valve in the front engine. But again I never received any Xbox Message containing the code. If there is something you guys can do to help me out that would be amazing I’ve been a huge fan from the beginning an will be till the end. Just very upsetting when this kind of stuff happens.

For the hurricane did you hit receive gift so it would go in your garage? as for doms charger did you redeem the code? If you did both all I can say is you would have to email them about your problem.

I received no gift after I had pressed to accept an as for Dom’'s charger I received no code but I’ll email them my issue

So I emailed the link you sent me an I still didn’t receive anything useful please if anyone reads my post please help me with a better understanding on how to receive these DLC or unicorn cars as you would say

You won’t get an immediate response from the Turn 10 email alias, but should have received the automated response with links (mostly on the forums here) showing the email was received. As you can probably imagine Turn 10 needs time to investigate (and weed through all the emails), so don’t expect a real response for a while.

No one on these forums can actually “help” you, other than make suggestions. Only Turn 10’s employees (or Xbox Live) are authorized to gift cars in-game or via a redemption code.

Doms charger was a promotion by Xbox so the code can only be sent by them
contact xbox support for that one

Thank you so much guys I didn’t know that is how it works. I have been waiting for a while for these cars thinking they would come but to see other online have them I feel ripped off