Please help me figure out if there is any way to use Horizon 3 vinyls in Forza 6 I am losing my mind

I have spent over 20 hours creating vinyls and Forza Horizon 3 . Thinking that I would easily be able to import or open them on Forza six as when in in Forza Horizon 3 you have the opportunity to view your vinyls from 6…

I have no idea why it was not implemented to easily access your Horizon 3 vinyls in 6 when you can access Forza 6 vinyls in Horizon 3

At the end of the day it would really suck to have to recreate these exact vinyls in 6 as they would probably come out looking slightly different due to the amount of tweaking for Perfection while in Horizon 3. It’s extremely frustrating knowing that had I had just made the vinyls in Forza 6 I could have easily opened them via Horizon three. I really appreciate anyone’s help if they have a solution

it is done this way because fh3 was released later… and so no … the only way to not have to redo stuff is start in fm(5 or) 6… that way you can import your liveries into the newer games…

No … as SnakeEyes mentions … you can only transfer vinyls and designs forward in the Forza games … not backwards. And consider yourself lucky to have found this out with only 20 hours in the paint booth. There are many here who have spent hundreds or thousands of hours in the Forza paint booth over the years.

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