Forza 6 Vinyls Won't Import in?

Trying to use some the vinyls from forza 6 that i created and none well come in. Keeps saying i have to many files of that type and to erase some. I don’t even have the disk for forza 6, just the game save is still there. How do i use those vinyls? don’t want to go create all those again. also won’t let my import my car designs, says they cant communicate withe servers. I s everybody seeing that? Thnks

First port of call, turn the wxbox off and then upplug the power supply, leave a minute and start it up again…
I had to give mine this treatment last night due to saving issues.

Well give that a try. thanks

That didn’t work. Still says i have to many saves and to delete some from the file manager(where is that at?). I haven’t made anything for this game and have plenty of memory left. Am at a loss as to why i can not bring in anything.

i was able to start saving my car designs, just not the single designs. Have been able to save them off the cars as singles as a work around if anyone else is have the same issue.

I posted the same problem on the 1st night of release but no replies or suggestions. I finally figured it out this morning. After a hard boot, uninstalling and re-installing without luck, I decided to go into FM5 & 6 and delete vinyls I was comfortable getting rid of. After those deletions, the import function seems to work fine in Horizon 3.

The bad news is that when I uninstalled Horizon 3 and the Demo, the Warthog install file is now missing. Hope that file can somehow be restored with the next update.

Ya. i would have tried that as well if i still had the disks. I have the saves, but not the disks. Once it let me bring in the car designs i was able to save the things i had created individually to use on other cars. I am sure they well fix it also. Game has a few little bugs.

im sure T10 and Playground will fix this issue

I had the same problem. I went old school and put that I wanted to transfer on a car and transferred it over as a car design. Slight tedious but it worked.