Importing car designs from FM5

Does this feature actually work? It’s been saving for almost an hour, i’ve restarted it twice and still the same. Anyone else having this trouble?

See Support forum, READ ME thread, 2nd post, CTRL + F “Livery import”

What I don’t understand is vinyl groups. Forza 6 shows me my vinyl groups from Forza 5 but will not let me import them into Forza 6 unless I made them. Simply owning them isn’t enough. So, what’s the point of that? Some designers seem to have chosen not to offer their old designs again, or may not have returned for whatever reason. What makes this even more strange is that the precedent for importing vinyls from previous games has been set since you were able to import vinyls you owned in Forza 3 to Forza 4. If I made them they were still unlocked, and if I simply owned them they would remain locked.

Well you don’t own vinyl’s you didn’t make, and there were many issues with the old way. So that’ll be why that is. It stops people finding ways around security to use other people’s old vinyl’s as their own.