Please, Get the Text Out of The Middle of My Screen!


For some reason, Forza Horizon 5 thought it was such a great idea to make sure that every large text just sits in my vision when I play Playground Games.

There is no way the Forza staff plays Playground games because that would be fixed so fast.

Please, Forza, get that text out of the way of my vision. It can make driving difficult to try and evade, tag, etc. with that text glued to the middle of the screen.

Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about -



The same goes for prompts in the eliminator. All of them are in the middle of the screen, there for way too long and I believe they resulted in a lot of crashes.
People were complaining about it since FH4, but they never bothered to fix it. Because, you know, player feedback is a myth


It is self-evidently stupid isn’t it? Yet yesterday I had someone actually arguing with me and telling me that Playground Games must know what they are doing because otherwise they wouldn’t have done it. I guess it’s true what they say, you can’t fix stupid.


I saw that and it hurt my brain.

“Yeah, I know people are complaining about it for years, but the devs put it there, so it’s probably good game design”


I agree it’s good game design. It helps people who are visually impaired. Only improvement I would like to see is slightly larger text that stays on screen longer so that blind people can see it better.

Late to the party, but this 100% drives me nuts too, lost so many Eliminators because I couldn’t see a freaking thing when it has an announcement :frowning:


Hi. I know I’m late as well to this discussion but it SERIOULSY getting o my nerves now. Like all of you it flashes across the middle of my screen and next thing I either hit a tree or a rock in eliminator. Is there any way we can get this across to the devs?


It isn’t just in the Eliminator. Every PR Challenge you click on obscures the screen. Trailblazers are the worst. Sometimes I have to pan all the way left or right then barely click on the icon to see the destination. I can’t imagine anyone ever play-testing it and giving it a pass, so I’ve formed my own conclusions as to why it’s there…


Exactly - been a major pain since day 1.
Any seasonal PR, Event view gets obliterated by the screen filling the middle of the page.
No chance to look at Trailblazer end points or just view a circuit.
Ridiculous. Why not let us move it about to clear the relevant bits ?