Please explain or apologize, Turn 10!

Last year in September, I bought an Xbox One. It was the first console I ever bought. I also bought a Thrustmaster wheel setup. I got Project CARS, DiRT Rally and the then new Forza Horizon 3. I’ve had so much fun on Horizon 3 and hearing good things about Motorsport 6, I decided to pre-order the Ultimate Edition of Motorsport 7.

As many of you will understand, I’m disappointed in the bait and switch Microsoft did, the shadiness of Turn 10 Studios. With only 81 of 700+ cars playable online (and not upgraded/tuned the way you want, because of homologation), multiplayer is an absolute joke. I feel like an idiot for falling for this rip off.

But what actually frustrates me more, is that there is no communication whatsoever between Turn 10 and their customers, who get treated like dirt. I just want an explanation! Is that too much to ask? An apology would be very nice too…

If things haven’t changed tomorrow, I’ll try and get a full refund. I’m really struggling with this, because, like many, I didn’t see it coming.