Please bring back Forza Rewards

Please bring back the Forza Rewards.

This reward system gave me and many others great motivation to grind the older games to reach top tier. Also it motivated me, to play the new games for months to reach all rewards.

Since you announced the removal starting with FH 5, I totally lost the joy in playing!!!

What’s it worth now being a LOYAL Forza gamer since 2005, when there is no prove anymore???

You could just reduce the rewards points for upcoming Forza Titles e.g. for the first 6 month to 50K per week instead of removing the whole rewards system - just because loyal players had an advantage with higher tiers.

Because of the removal, I have only tested FH5 through Game Pass. There is no reason for me to buy this game, once the subscripton runs out. Forza isn’t the same without Rewards. Please bring it back! THANKS!

One of your most loyal Fans!