Forze Loyalty Rewards to FM6

Hi guys I have a question. I have completed 300+ cars collection in FM3, FM4, FH on xbox 360 and FM5 and FH2 on xbox one today and my question is can my stats will update loyalty rewards for all those games before I launch Forza 6? Cause I really want those 25 mill on start of the game and I just late discover that opportunity ;( I hope the forza hub update that stats within few days cause I bought Preorder Ultimate Edition of FM6 digitally and for 3 days it will be available to download. I really hope they will update forza hub or something. Someone can help with this? Greets forza fans :slight_smile:

People are hoping that it will be sorted in time - either way THIS thread is where you should post any questions on the rewards program (and it has all the answers that we have at the moment too).

One of his MULTI-CROSS-POST-OUTRAGE was already moved to this thread by one of the mods …