Forza Rewards FAQ and Forza Hub info (ended May 2022)

Forza Rewards FAQ at Forza Support

Updated April 5, 2022

Redeeming weekly Forza Rewards concludes on May 5, 2022. This change does not affect Forza Horizon 5’s Loyalty Rewards and new in-game reward opportunities are made available for all players every week through the Festival Playlist.

Created August 25, 2021

See the article at Forza Support for answers to the following questions:

Q: What is happening to Forza Rewards?
Q: What happened to the Forza Hub?
Q: How long can I continue to claim Forza Rewards?
Q: What rewards are available in Forza Horizon 5?
Q: Will I lose any existing credits redeemed through Forza Rewards?
Q: Outside of the Forza Hub, where else can I view my overall progress across the Forza Franchise?
Q: I use the Forza Hub to stay up-to-date with game news and to download my photos. Where can I do this one the app is no longer functional? How do I find Turn 10 picks or photos shared by my friends?


Thanks for the info. Easier than fixing the hub synchronisation I guess :slight_smile:

Seriously though, it was definitely unbalanced with 500k per week at the top, and newcomers having to slog through so many older titles to get to the good stuff. Also, relying on an external app for in-game rewards is so Xbox One era!

Unbalanced for who or what? Are you short on credits in any Forza game post FM5? It has no effect on MP anyway.

Retiring Forza Rewards is such a stupid decision (comparable to those killer rain puddles in FM6). It was good system to view your stats, earn points by playing games and earn weekly credits accordingly, get little rewards for loyalty whenever a new game came out. It was a cool and unique system.

Probably not long before this forum gets “retired” as well.


500k a week? We have received 200k weekly for the last couple of years.


I’ve been getting 500,000 a week for years. If you’re at the maximum tier that’s what you get. You must be at a lower tier.

The amount is based on your Tier. The top, Tier 13, is indeed 500k/week/game.


this timing couldn’t be more comical, just this past week I finished grinding the FH2, FH3, and FM7 for forza reward goals to move up one tier before FH5 comes out, lol what a waste of time


Yep, how unfair is it to keep rewarding those players who have been loyal to the Forza franchise for a good number of year. (sarcasm)

Given all the cheating in game, and all the bugs, that seem to increase with each new update, I was already on the fence about purchasing FH5, and I have been a loyal player for over 10 years now.

This announcement is helping me to make the decision to not purchase anything new from this franchise.


I feel like they might also have found that it actually encouraged people to NOT play the games once they were getting a decent stream of rewards credits, because the passive income would eventually amount to being able to afford special cars in auctions and such. I know I did that at least a couple of times in FH4.

As for being short of credits, for sure, always in FM7 and FH4 because there were so many cars (and driver gear in FM7 ><) and finishing all of the content didn’t get even close to enough to buy them all. I had all cars in FM5 & 6, and FH2 & 3, but still have plenty to go in FM7 and FH4. That’ll take a while passively, but I have no intention of playing either before FH5 takes over.

With the price of many cars looming over my virtual wallet and the relatively unrewarding races, I always feel short on credits, even with the loyalty rewards. But I suppose that’s only an issue when I’m trying to complete a collection, which I’ve long since given up on in this series.


Inb4 veteran players are ‘rewarded’ with glitzy fortnite cosmetics


Forza Motorsport and Horizon have a bad track record with rewarding individual players, I remember a FM7 stream where they tried to reward a car to people who watched but botched it, I believe that happened more than once with watching a stream or being on twitter, I guess the idea is that they wanted to increase engagement but had no way to actually reward the individual people who participated.
A similar thing happened with the Mosler MT900 in FH4, everyone got one for free at the time because they couldn’t implement a good way to get it to participating people

I hope that they replace for forza rewards with something substantial for people who have invested time and money in this franchise

This just seems like, oh well our stat tracking system was too buggy and our game got too big so we’re giving up on it, sad to see


Curious what we get now… I’ll miss those bonus money drops. They’ve helped pay 10 mil in the auction for the hard to find cars i don’t have…


Thanks for the info Manteo

I’ll come in and say l think this is great. We’ll still have some (hopefully interesting) loyalty rewards in game. The credit rewarding system was totally crazy. I literally gave away a 100 million credits to other players in fh4.

Maybe for once the game will have a sense of progression that lasts beyond two weeks! I think just the VIP 2x credits is overkill, let alone shoving hundreds of thousands down your pockets every week.

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Not everyone has lots of free time to put into games, I love cars so forza is one of the video games I mainly play but working in healthcare, commuting, all that I don’t have a ton of time to grind for progression so I loved the VIP rewards and the forza hub loyalty rewards. It was similar when the season playlists required 100% completion for a car, not everyone has the time to grind for that, and If I only have a little free time the last thing I want to do is “4 races, 21 miles, 300,000 skill points” in a car that I don’t like or have when I just want to play the game and get cars that I do like.

Couldn’t you just not claim the rewards from the hub to make your progression more challenging, while others who don’t have the time but have been loyal players still have the to option to accumulate extra 100-300k credits a week? I don’t think this is great.


Bang On! Reward those people that have been playing for many years. If you don’t want the rewards and have extra play time don’t take the rewards. The system to me has been functional.

As long as they replace it and give some loyalty rewards for those of us that have been around since the first game then I’m okay with that. But if I get some stupid Pinto or 10K a week I’m going to set somebody on fire. LOL!

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Am I the only one that went back and played FM2 and FM3 to build up my Tier level to 13? I started off with Forza when FM4 came out so I only needed those 2 games and let me tell you those 2 games where fun to play through the campaigns.


I started with FM3 and after FM4 I was away from Forza (consoles in general) until 2016, when Apex came to PC. Right after that FH3 launched and I was sucked into the Forza world again. Bought consoles (used x360 and a new One S) just to play old and new titles. Forza Rewards system was nice feature to make you want to play old games and get rewarded for it as well. I managed to even buy brand new FH1, FM3, FM4 and FM5 limited editions. It was pain in the [censored] to hunt down some of the DLCs and expansion packs as well. I was collecting games, playing them and got even rewarded to stay loyal to the franchise. I liked it. Recent years have shown that T10 and PG have no appreciation for that anymore with Forza Hub having syncing issues all the time and nobody bothered to do anything about it (FH4 loyalty rewards were really meh too). New people are pulling the strings and the playerbase is changing (old fans leaving and new people coming in).


Yeah started at 5 and ended up going back to 3 & 4, eventually found a copy of 2, but haven’t got very far with that. 3 & 4 are grindy as hell and I lost my save for 3 that was already level 50 oops. I will go back for more achievements at least in 4, especially as we still have an indeterminate amount of time to wait for the next motorsport title, but highlights were definitely the New York track in 3 and of course Fujimi Kaido.