Forza Rewards FAQ and Forza Hub info

Forza Rewards FAQ at Forza Support

Created August 25, 2021, updated April 5, 2022

We retired the Forza Hub in September 2021 and will be concluding the weekly tier-based credit redemptions via Forza Rewards in previous games from May 5, 2022.

See the article at Forza Support for answers to the following questions:

Q: What is happening to Forza Rewards?
Q: What is happening to Forza Hub?
Q: What does this mean for claiming my weekly Forza Rewards?
Q: What rewards are coming to Forza Horizon 5?
Q: Will I lose any existing credits redeemed through Forza Rewards?
Q: Outside of the Forza Hub, where else can I view my overall progress across the Forza Franchise?
Q: I use the Forza Hub to stay up-to-date with game news and to download my photos. Where can I do this one the app is no longer functional? How do I find Turn 10 picks or photos shared by my friends?

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I purchased copies of early titles FM2 and FM3 just to bring my Tier level while the current title was FM6 of course I still have my Xbox 360 connected to this day and still a ways to go to complete FM2. I understand that I’ll never earn the online rewards for those games.

Point is if people wanted to increase their Tier level nothing was stopping them!!

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[Edit - all posts must be in English; please translate your text before posting. We have retired the Forza Hub and are closing Forza Rewards in May 2022. See the link above for more info. - MM]