@PG @T10 clothing tied to nonexistent accolades


There are still two clothing items that are tied to accolades that are not in the game.

Mexico Race Gloves - unlocked by completing “Leaving Tracks”
Blue Suit - unlocked by completing “Modification Specialist”

What’s the deal with these? The question has been asked before (not only by me) but there’s been no answer.

There’s also that list of items that can supposedly be won from wheelspins but at prestige 7 level 498 it’s probably safe for me to say they actually can’t be won from wheelspins. This is 1 car horn, 6 masks, 4 outfits and 5 emotes. Possibly more if I got something via a competition.


If we need to do some testing, I have thousands of wheelspins I could throw at it…
(well, over a thousand, anyway)

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I think it’s safe to say having compared his list before that they are NOT happening from Wheelspins. I’d hate to have you grind that out for testing lol


It’s funny, because to a person just starting out… 1000 wheelspins would sound incredible. Once you have “all the stuff”, though, it just sounds like a grueling grind.

The last time I really hit the wheelspins hard was that brief window when the Hot Wheels cars were in the wheelspins but the expansion hadn’t released yet. Otherwise they just accumulate and gather dust.


In FH4 we were gifted 200 at moment in time, well I was, took quite a while to get through those, watching the full spin and not stopping it by myself of course:-).

Actually spun some of mine the other day to help bring the number down a bit & was shocked to win a Ferrari GT Cali with a cash value 9+M credits. I still remember the first significant WS I won in FH4 early on, which was a Bugatti Veyron.

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Before they hit you with “Oh, we couldn’t possibly reprogram the wheelspins to offer the promised prizes” just remember they specifically added low credit amounts to nerf them.


They’ll be rewards for Series 22, Upgrade Heroes, by the sounds of it

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Just spun 110 and got some socks and a dress I already owned :unamused:

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You could be right there indeed

ah, right, that makes sense - why doesn’t someone at pgt10 reply with a statement like “stay tuned!”?

@T10ManteoMax there are so many little broken things where there is a similar absence of comment and that causes a problem

this situation could be a fun teaser to help interest and engagement - “ooh! what’s that about?” - but because there are so many broken things where there is no comment it’s impossible to tell that it’s a fun teaser, it just looks like another broken thing

what’s the effect of that view of the game? negative, even if the intent was a good one


wonder what causes that - I never see repeat clothing items; do you go into the character customisation and hover over all the new items so they don’t have “new” any longer? just a wild thought

It probably is just another broken thing, whether they do eventually come or not those 2 items have been there locked since early game, someone would have to be clutching at straws to believe they were added with the intention of only being made available over a year later, nothing in the game has ever done that and never will intentionally.


Interesting. I don’t quite agree with you but what you wrote indicates the problem perfectly. Whether or not there is a good intent cannot be determined because of the broken stuff.

The bits of disagreement are minor. They altered the requirements for three clothing items a few months ago, so something looked like it might happen. Shortly after that one of the three got changed again, leaving just these two tied to nonexistent accolades. The point is, someone there clearly thought something way after the game’s release. For that reason I do not think this is an “it’s broken” example.

iirc might not though the accolades to which they were tied got changed, too


Maybe just a completely forgotten about?

A very easy solution has been there for them all this time, to just chuck them in the Forzathon shop as the 2 clothing items available for a week.


again, hitting a nail on a head there - that just isn’t going to happen so with the broken things and the lack of communication we have no idea and very low expectations

overall I’m missing these - some items get added now and again, such as in the last update

4 horns, 14 links, 6 tops, 3 jackets, 1 dress, 2 (pairs of) socks, 1 (pair of) shoes, 6 hats, 10 masks, 2 (pairs of) gloves, 7 outfits and 5 emotes

50 are reward items (17 of those are (not) wheelspin items)
4 are accolade items (2 absent, 2 eliminator as I’m particularly rubbish at that mode)
7 are links with what might be a different “reward” message

I’ve collected all possible rewards and maybe picked up a couple from competitions that should otherwise be in that list

Yeah checked everything off a long time ago, btw we are very very close on ranking… and I’m as crap as you at elimination :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Definitely feeling a sense of deja vu here with H4 and the missing 3k Explore points…which was then added to the “by design” list so I expect the clothing to be added to that list at some point. More than likely nobody has noticed that the cothes aren’t available


there were also clothes in H4 that were supposed to appear in spins but never did - eventually, last year sometime, they got removed from the game because [insert reason here]