[PETITION] Option to run tracks in reverse direction

Please add option to run tracks in reverse direction. IMO it would increase longevity of the game.
Most sprints ends with straights, so just swap starting and finish line. There are some circuits that would require moving start/finish line e.g. Baja Scramble, but most circuits ends on straights, so you just need to mirror starting grid. Don’t know what could be done with some CC tracks e.g. that one where are you going downhill from volcano on start.
Maybe later just check if there are no stupid checkpoints/walls and voila, much more game in game :slight_smile:

It is not needed now. Maybe somewhere between 1st and 2nd expansion. Or with 2nd expansion.
EDIT: to be clear, I’m talking about whole game, so tracks would work in Horizon Open, Trials, etc. and working Leaderboards

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in Open Drift that would be a world difference :\ Not enought circuit. it getting really boring still drift but cmon

Anyone could do it. They just study the circuit, create a blueprint in reverse. Problem is starting point, and moving all the way over to the end. Might be easier to find the nearest race near the endpoint, then recreate the route from there.

Circuit races wouldn’t be that hard. (except for a few jumps one would have to do.

The developers wont make them, dont have the time to reverse all of them given dev team needs to be spent on making a paid DLC to bring in money.