Allow Reverse Layouts for Every Track

Being able to do reverse layouts on some tracks is already a great addition. Having the option to reverse any track seems like it has no drawbacks for custom freeplay or private lobbies.

Running tracks in reverse could be contrary to realism, though. Remember that Forza Motorsport isn’t the more casual, more outlandish game that Forza Horizon is. Forza Motorsport isn’t an environment of “anything goes, no matter how ridiculous”. We dont have giant Lego worlds made of huge Lego blocks or floating Hot Wheels sky islands. In the real world, most tracks don’t have an optical to run in reverse. Their facilities and safety measures (like gravel run-off areas or catch fencing) are typically designed with the expectation that the track is being run in a particular direction.


But if you drive the same tracks over and over aigan like in FM7, you start to care less about realism and more about variety.

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You needed massive track variety in FM7 because the tracks and races were static, in the upcoming forza motorsport variety should come from the addition of fuel/tyre strategy, dynamic weather (day/night cycle, rain, air temp), track evolution (tracks rubbering in). Tracks run in one direction for a reason, to create fun corner sequences and overtaking opportunities, if you run them in reverse these elements no longer work and the racing will be terrible

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The thing is that the game got the direction wrong on (at least one) track(s). The patriot course at VIR is actually ran clockwise. The game only has it countetclockwise.

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Nice idea which double the number of tracks easily :+1:t3:

Maybe put all non reverse track layouts and button which will make it run in reverse (example Θ Reverse)

Please add in Rivals to have more fun and longevity the possibility of do all the tracks in reverse too.

That’s easy to do, please make it happen.


Put this possibility in Rivals and free mode NOW, is not controversial here.

If you want you can race this mode tracks, if you don’t like, don’t do it.
No problem at all.

Implement this now please.

The best propuesta, approve