Peripherals - No H-Pattern Shifter Support Xbox Series X Logitech G923 (1538505)

Same issue on console, I have the Fanatec Clubsport Shifter 1.5 plugged in the wheelbase and I can’t make it work in H-pattern mode (sequential mode works). Works fine in Dirt Rally 2 and Assetto Corsa

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Same here, Xbox Series X with Logitech G920 and h-shifter, but no way to bind gears to anything, let alone the shifter, even after choose Manual + Clutch.

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What I could find on reddit, there is a way to make it work. Make a custom button bind, which would make it work - no possibility to check that yet though. You will have to bind each gear to your shifter. If anyone wants to try, feel free.

There is no reason to change bindings. U can’t rebind the shifter only gear up/down

Solved I updatet g hub Firmware then update the g923 after that it works without any mappings … can use clutch and the gears 1-6 and r thx fror help

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Thanks guys

I’m pretty annoyed. there should be numbered gears to map it to. also quite annoyed that even if there is a fix, it requires a pc. not every console player owns a pc. im hoping they fix this soon because using ghub is not a fix for everyone, only for those who own a PC. Enjoying the game so far otherwise, the new tuning is kind of different but it reminds me of enthusia on ps2 where you couldnt buy upgrades, instead you levelled up from driving. plz turn 10 fix this asap wheels should be plug and play, not plug, unplug, plug into something else, update etc. It should just work from the get go.

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You might have to do what i do with my T248 and when i had it TMX :
1.Load the game up with a controller, the wheel is fully off at this point
2. Do something like enter freeroam, clicking a couple of buttons tho should do, as long as input has gonw into the game,
3. Turn your wheel on making sure you had manual w/clutch selected before even opening the game
4. As the wheel is turning on turn the contoller off,
5. When entering freeroam give the game a couple of seconds to get the clutch,
PLS NOTE that you cannot change anypart of your difficulty settings and that this isnt 100% reliable and works 9 times out if 10. This may not work for PC or Logitech wheels butbits what ive found works, pain in the butt? Yes but gives you the clutch

What? Logitech put a gamecontroller on the market and is selling it with xbox logo and “Xbox compatible” so it’s their thing to make it compatible. And they did with the firmware update.

Ask friend with PC/Laptop or Logitech support maybe u can send it in and they update it.

Why oh why are rolling starts botched when in manual with clutch

I have g923 wheel with shifter and when you start a rolling race the gear indicator suggests a gear, I select same gear on my shifter and after countdown at race start either immediately redline, or incur transmission damage.

What gives?

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Yeah… That totally sucks. I hate that as well. It seems to give you a little touch of WOT as well just to really send it home.

Do you know if they will make logitech driving force gear shifter re-mappable in forza motorsport 2023. Only not possible in forza games, all others recognize it as an input but on forza you can only use the gear shifter as a shifter , not as a handbrake for instance.

Same here. Series X Logitech G920, H shifter doesnt detected neither work. Wheel is stock, no updated, ill try to update and see again.

Update the hardware ! update the ghub software first then the wheel after that it works fine

Once updated with g-hub on PC still not working the H Shifter on Series X but force feedback was improved. Just created a ticket.

Hello, i have updated driver, reinstalled the game. everything works on every other game…
G29 > cant map wheel buttons and the gear up and down wont work, steering left and right works and pedals.

Can anyone help ! this is plain ridiculous! new release and cant even play it… :upside_down_face:

I have a pc, it works fine for me now. I’m just saying this isnt an option for everyone. when I was a teen, I lived in a rural area, only had a console and no pc. If teen me had this issue it would have taken days to tend to the issue. the firmware update also basically said it was in improvement on ffb and prior to the rest of the functions still worked, just not the h-pattern. All im saying is console things should not require a whole other device to make them work for console. not everybody has all the stuff. especially the young-uns without jobs/money. And though gaming is for all, we really do need to keep the young ones in mind when it comes to e-rated games. they should be accessible and playable right out the box. that’s just my opinion though.

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Incase anyone is still having problems, I got my peripherals to work by force closing and opening the game a few times. Eventually it worked. Did have my controller off and tried turning off the wheel a few times and restarting the game. But force closing the game and opening it up again seemed to eventually work

Hope this helps. Worked twice for me

Having the same issue even after updating the wheel. Seems like if I unplug the wheel from the usb on the Xbox while it’s turned off, then plug it back in, it will work. Something to try.