For the Logitech-Wheel users (Pro Racing, G920, G923)

Make sure to install latest firmware updates if u play on xbox

Connect the Wheel to PC install latest GHub software (2023.8.459147 and above)
GHub automatically tells you on launch if your hardware needs update. Follow the steps in software then (disconnect wheel and so on)

PRO Racing Wheel for Xbox/PC (ver: 133.5.100/13.3.55)

  • Improvements to Xbox Force Feedback specification.

G920 (ver: 96.4.50)

  • Improvements to Xbox Force Feedback specification.

G923 for Xbox (ver: 139.2.50)

  • Improvements to Xbox Force Feedback specification.

Latest firmware for g920. Unable to bind pedals on Xbox series x

It works switched brake/clutch here. Start on the default layout press a on brake press clutch with feet. It creates new layout then change there.

I’ve pressed a to create a new bind but then when pressing the pedals nothing happens

Hm, it works fine here… works for others… You tested the pedal on pc?

Yeah all good on pc and tested on other racing games also. Weird

Cant get gear shifter to work/recognise on series x. Anyone got any ideas, ive tried the firmware update and still nothing…

Same, although it magically decided it wanted to work the other day. I haven’t been able to update it since I got it because I didn’t know G Hub was available for Mac users, but still