Performance - Shader compilation on every startup with Nvidia GPUs (1757774)

Been happening for months for me regardless of patch/gpu driver.


Same problem here, still no fixes.
Specs: CPU: I5-8600k | GPU: GTX 1080 | SSD

I tried to:

  • Fix the game
  • Clear and expand shader cache
  • Increase VRAM

My shader’s optimization starts at around 20%. It takes 1m 30s to load into the game.

Update 10
Driver 556.12

Just updated to this driver and I joined the extra long Shader Optimization club. Oh joy!

for xbox app users
after you set your graphics settings
delete contents in this folder: C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\packages\Microsoft.ForzaMotorsport_(value)\LocalCache\Local\CmsCache
and delete loose files in here: C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow
then clear your shader cache (for me intel ARC: C:\Users\Name\AppData\LocalLow\Intel\ShaderCache)

if you keep having issues, you could try deleting the whole “Microsoft.ForzaMotorsport_” folder, it will act as if you just installed

it seems to break after a few updates
after an windows reinstal or making an new user in windows, the game would be perfect for a while
there should be an easyer way to correct this