People that use macros to “snipe” auctions

Cross-play between console and PC+not just letting us buy the cars we want=This problem

Nothing that I want in this game is worth it anymore. Can’t win auctions, multiplayer events are full of children and their V12 swaps ruining whatever they possibly can, everything lags, etc. it was fun while it lasted, I guess.

i saw a video on youtube of a guy showing how the bot works. buys out the car in 1 second. he did it with apollo’s. any wonder people can’t get them. there is also cheats with MODDED accounts at the moment that get 25 APOLLO’S in there package. why does anyone need 25 of any car. MACRO’S and MODDERS are ruining the game.

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I just bought an Apollo without using a bot, it took about 5 attempts, and about 10 minutes. You can buy them if you are fast with the buttons.

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Same here, got an Apollo, a 599XX Evolution, and a Zenvo ST1, just through the Xbox One and fast fingers.

I know PG limits the number of sales you can perform on the Auction House in a 24 hour period… perhaps they should also limit the number of purchases? (might solve the problem)

Limiting the number of purchases per account will make it more difficult for those a-holes to do damage but it won’t stop them because they’re likely to have multiple accounts.


i still can´t get it why ppl hord rare cars.
what do they do with all the moeny when they sell em?
i´ve all cars except the PO ones and sitting on 70+ Million and over 300 wheelspins.
nothing there to buy with all that money.

#nohate but i dont understand that crying and blaming. sry but there is a much easier way. why not adding 2 buttons for research and quick buy?! so nobody can cry anymore… but hey. its better to call pc gamers cheaters like in every forza group on facebook. u guys will find macros in 99% of pc games. thats a normal function for gaming devices… that happens on every play anywhere title in the future. trust me.

I’ve noticed the timing sweet-spots after having been “sniped”… “How’d that happen?” I wondered the first times. It blew. But I’ve balanced the books.

The ‘ENDING SOON’ mechanic/timer incentivizes this practice. It practically begs it :thinking::relaxed:

As long as there are no 3rd party cheats/bots to gain an edge, one cannot in good conscience claim “perma-ban!”

Unless this is a bug/broken mechanic (besides broken in terms of the definition AUCTION), I guess T10 and PG need/want quickly resolved auctions for a reason: Server capacity.

Edit. If OP is exclusively referring to blatant 3rd party cheats (“AutoSniper Bot”, etc.), I agree.

Wondering why you can’t find any 599x Evo’s? Probably because of this guy: Do you like my 599x Evo collection?

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Some people will have loads of Apollos too.

Apparently console users have figured out a duplication glitch they can exploit by selling a rare car on auction for the max price - waiting for it sell and then immediately going into their settings and deleting their saved game files. When they log back in the game re-syncs their data, but they still have the car they just sold and the money from its sale. Cute.

Saw that on YouTube. All Apollos less than 2 Million though, not seen one higher.

Playground Games could easily tell when someone has that many of the same rare car, but they choose to do absolutely nothing. New patch out, and nothing to fix the AH to stop or even slow down macro users.


PG don’t even need to tell if you have that many of the same car, they can just limit the slots to 10 slots per car.

Why do you paint your cars brown?


The colour that I chose was meant to look like Dragon Scales reflecting light.

It fits the overall theme…


Why do people need so many cars? Are they doing it to just troll everyone?

Makes no sense to me, I have no duplicate cars, as I just change my tune setup or design quickly enough as is. I sniped my Apollo and now have no need to get anymore…


[Mod redacted - D]

What’s my incentive to use the auction house? I mean really?

The purpose of the auction house should be to A- provide a means for bidding on hard to find cars, and B- provide a means for making money off of hard to find cars that you have but don’t want. Right?

So right now, the auction house is failing me on both counts. I’m not a high ranked painter/tuner, so I can’t sell cars for all that much. I was going to list my extra Boneshaker (I had one before, and got a 2nd from the series 9 80% completion reward) but I saw that my max buyout price option was something under 200K. For what (has been) a pretty rare and desirable car (I assume this because I’ve never seen one up for auction when I went to look), that’s not a lot of money. Similarly, I have multiples of many other ‘exclusive’ cars that I’ve won through wheelspins and various challenges. Like I just got a 2nd AND 3rd Gymkhana 10 Focus (one from this week’s playground games, one from finishing skillstreak story). I have multiples of many Forza Edition cars (some from wheelspins, some from seasonal prizes, etc). I have multiples (as many as 4 or 5) of many other wheelspin-only cars. I have 4 Aventador FE for example, and at least 2-3 of most of the other FEs. But why would I put them up for auction? If people with tons of money are just going to buy them out and then sell them for way more than I am able to sell them for? The amount of money I can get for the cars simply isn’t worth the thought that someone else will just turn around and make a whole lot more money off of them. So that’s one problem: I don’t have much incentive to sell my uncommon stuff.

Secondly - I can never find anything I’m looking for on the auction house. At various times I’ve looked for Hot Wheels cars, the Ferrari 812, the Subaru WRX Sti '04, and others. I’ve never even seen one listed. I assume they GET listed, because other people talk about getting them, but you must just have to search and re-search and re-search constantly. Which says to me there just aren’t that many being listed. Not compared to spare FE cars, which I’ve been able to find pretty easily in the past, before I got them all. I have to wonder why simple wheelspin cars like the Subaru aren’t easier to find on the auction house. Are there not a lot floating around? I mean I have 3-4 copies of a lot of wheelspin cars. I assume other people who’ve been playing a while have similar situations. So why aren’t there a bunch of these Subarus up for sale? Surely it’s not an ultra desirable car that everyone wants multiples of. So is it’s drop chance in the wheelspin absurdly low compared to others? Are other people refusing to sell their extra for reasons like what I listed before? Or are the people with more money than they can ever use just snatching them up to resell at 20mil so they can get even more money they can’t use?

In either case, I feel like the auction house is failing, at least in regards to the sale and purchase of uncommon cars. Sure, there’s a bunch of stuff ON there, like barn finds people don’t want, extra copies of FE cars, cars that were bought for a skill tree perk and then discareded, and of course lots of stuff that I can also easily get from the autoshow. But when it comes to wheelspin cars, seasonal rewards cars, Forzathon shop only cars… it’s a lot harder to find anything. I mean, conservatively speaking, I’ve probably checked for the Subaru at least 50 times, at random times on different days. And I’ve never ever seen one for sale at any price??

For those of you who HAVE found rare cars (and won them), how often are you actually searching?

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