People playing forza 6 now

I’m sorry but I don’t think its right that at least 6 people on my friends list are playing forza 6 now. I payed 100.00 to get it 5 days early and they payed nothing and got it today. Sorry but i will think long and hard before buying any other forza series game.

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I think it’s not fair too, but what can we do? Unfortunaly, nothing. :frowning:

Turn 10 and Microsoft send our green discs to various people (employees, review websites, popular streamers and Youtubers) so they can post footage and populate the game with tunes and liveries and vinyl groups before release, that’s probably what you’re seeing, as no regular user has access to the game right now.



I mean, the demo, or the actual game? I know that some copies are out for reviewers and such, but just us normal plebeians?

Ultimate Edition buyers get to play a couple days early, but not nearly two weeks early…

Even if you somehow got access to it early, if you start playing it and T10/MS haven’t given you the ok to do so, that’s a good way to get banned.

If there playing it they have permission.