Pedal Deadzones Broken [Xbox]

I’m playing on Xbox with Logitech G920 setup and the pedal deadzones all seem to be stuck on 0 inside and 100 outside regardless of what the settings claim. Particularly for the clutch this is a problem. In game clutch default is 15 inside and 90 outside like FM7 which works good because you can always hit 100% clutch even if clutch is dodgy near the end. FH4 just produces the grinding sound every gear change because of the inability to apply 100% clutch due to faulty deadzones in-game. Please fix as soon as possible

Edit: I’ve discovered another issue, while using manual with clutch, despite still only reaching 98% clutch on average some specific cars don’t even have the grinding SFX when not using the clutch when shifting, so far I’ve found the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and the Fiat Abarth 124 Spider don’t have gear crunch SFX.

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This seems to be an idiom issue when you are using an interior view.

You can sit stationary in neutral and press the clutch in and out and it will grind.

Repeat in exterior view and it will not grind.

The sound triggers on clutch release.

Very annoying bug, I have taken to driving hood view for now.