PC Performance and Downloading issues.

Hi all :slight_smile: ,

I am new to the Forza forums but I plan to stick around and I hope to enjoy my stay.
I’m not even sure if this is the right place to be posting this topic so please redirect me if I’m in the wrong place :slight_smile: .

I personally play on PC, and after my experience of the launch that Forza Horizon 3 had for PC, I am in need of some reassurance.

After pre-ordering FH3 and waiting ages for my awful internet to download the game, the download did not complete, and then carried on downloading ‘nothing’ I then wasn’t able to play the game for a later 2 weeks after countless attempts at downloading the game and failing, I know this was an issue for several thousand other players, and i know this is an issue for several people trying to download FM7 on PC, I was just curious to know if this problem has happened to many of you guys? as I’m nearing the completion of my FM7 download and I’m sat here worrying whether it will do the same as my friends did aha :slight_smile: .

Another thing is performance, I know that the performance was awful for most PC players for several months after the release of FH3, i was wondering whether its been any different for FM7 so far? any answers or info would be great.

Thanks guys - Regards L :slight_smile:

Currently a major RAM leak when customizing cars, and so much so it will crash to desktop. Random hitching and stuttering (especially if you have raced for more than an hour or 2), certain tracks like Indy the track and grandstands vanish, and us with VIP wait for them to fix the 2x credit bonus. I’m sure I missed a few, but these are the core issues I’ve experiemced.

Yep, my experience too. Plus the odd random CtD in multiplayer and replay playback (led to corrupting the replay). Not awful, awful, but not particularly good either.