PC Installation question, Devs?

I am sure no users will know this kind of question yet so this is for the Devs. How will FH3 be installed on the PC? I ask because with Forza Apex, it is installed automatically to the App folder, which is kept on the C: drive. For those of us that use SSD core drives for our Windows partition, will there be a way to tell the game to install to a different directory? I have two SSD’s in my computer, one for the Windows installation and normal applications and one dedicated for Games, then I also have a 2TB for media.
When I install graphic intensive games through steam, I can tell steam to install them to my gaming SSD, non-intensive games, I install to my Media drive.

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The answer is YES. You will be able to choose the location of installation in two ways after you have upgraded to the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607, Build 14393).
You will be asked to choose the location of installation when you install the games (including FM 6 Apex), and besides you can go to Settings->System->Storage->Save locations->New apps will save to: where you can change the default install location.
PS: Windows 10 Anniversary update is required for Xbox Play Anywhere (FH3).
PS2: You can already see FH3 in the new Windows 10 Store app only if you have pre-ordered it, click the avatar->My Library->Games. Those pages for FH3 already exist however the “install” button is grey and it is said that FH3 only support Xbox One. The Xbox Play Anywhere feature is believed to open on 13th, September, and a demo is believed to be available that time.

Aah, thankyou from me for that bit of info. I’d read that the button was greyed out and after I did the Anniversary update I was wondering why I couldn’t find it on the Store App. I thought that maybe they hadn’t got around to adding it for the UK yet, or that it wasn’t the actual store (new to digital downloads as I always went disc before). Now you mention that it needs pre-ordering first it’s rested my mind a little.
I plan on pre-ordering through Game anyway, as they have the bonus car I want but I just wanted to check that it was available in the UK store as previously it was listed for X1 only.

The way you are describing it sounds like how you can tell things like “My Pictures” and other Libraries to install to a different directory. I would not want all Apps to be installed to a new directory, just the game, similar to any normal game installation. I doubt my game will show up in the Store App as I pre-ordered it through Amazon(wanted to Audi instead of the Dodge). Although, Amazon is stating purchase will be available on August 30th for some reason, I am sure that is probably just a place holder and will change soon.

Forza Horizon 3 will be available through windows store only as far as we know.
This means you can go to storage settings and choose your SSD for apps locations. However as you know this means all app will install to your game drive. This is just the way the windows store works and they don’t seem inclined to change it. So yes you can install it to your SSD but other apps will install there too. Most apps don’t take up anywhere near as much room as games though, so don’t worry. I have all my app and games from windows store install to my second SSD and it’s fine as they live in the windows folder for that drive so it keep it tidy. It literally is for Forza Apex, couple of apps and then all my steam games etc install to the games folder on that SSD.
It’s not ideal, but it’s not too messy or irritating so i just ignore it. I brought this up repeatedly during the beta, as well as the problems with permissions that some users face, but i guess it’s a small enough number of people for them not to bother.
Just be glad you can play Horizon 3 on PC with all the shiny shiny! :slight_smile:

As it turns out, that option in the Settings is for “New Apps” so I can control where Horizon gets installed then just tell Settings to go put “new apps” after Horizon into the C drive again, lol.

Yeah but that can also cause issues. I installed Forza Apex that way and then it wouldn’t update any more after I moved it back, so keep an eye on it. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this has been covered or not but question for the PC version …

Is this going to have the option for installation drive as apex forces you to install only on the Opeeating System C drive ?

I downloaded Apex yesterday, it did not force me to put it on my OS drive. I was able to choose from all drives.
Maybe this has changed with the Anniversary Update?

It will most likely be the same for Horizon 3.

you can choose on which drive you want to install forza horizon 3.

PC Demo? Where?

The PC demo will be released after the game got released fo PC.

Followed all of these steps there is no application folder for me and when I go into forza hub and microsoft store it says I don’t own it.

OK, I have FH3 installed on my Xbox one, now I want to play it on PC. And I downloaded FH3 on my Office PC now I want to transfer download files to my Home PC. I don’t want to download it on my Home PC. How to do that? Thanks

You cannot just copy a game folder from one PC to another. Any game installation requires registry changes which will not be made by simply copying the files. It will not work, you need to download to the other PC from the Windows Store.