(PC) Fix For Connecting Online for some!!! (10/2/18) / Can't Connect to Horizon Life

I’ve been trying to connect to Horizon Life for some while. But my friends were able to join each other instantly. Is anyone else having these issues?

Edit: I am wondering if it could be my NAT type. I had a similar issue when playing the CoD: Blackout beta. My NAT was strict.

Edit: i was finally able to connect to online servers. What I did was open the Xbox App, Go to setting on the toolbar to the left, Go to network and check if anywhere on the page it says Blocked.
Usually it will link you somewhere with more description on what your issue was. Some might have NAT issues like having a strict NAT and if that is the case I recommend Port forwarding. My issue was one of those Toredo issues. The support page listed the commands I needed to be able to be unblocked form Xbox live and its’ services and other fixes for having blocked issues.
Hopefully some of you find the issue and resolve it (Time to resolve my other issue where I can’t hear the game at all…I was given the double whammy when it came to issues). Also when I first connected to the online serves I was prompted those DNS errors but after the next try I was continuously able to connect
Good luck to the rest and hope to see you guys out there!


is there any error? as mine doe’s the same thing loads and loads and loads then i get a dns error.

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Have you qualified and finished the prologue in each season?

Have not yet but I’d assume that wouldn’t be an issue since my friends were only starting into the Autumn season. But hey, might as well give it a shot.

Same here…

I have same issue also and have completely finished prologue and am well into the game.
It’s a common issue, a lot of reddit users have the same issue.

I haven’t found anything online that speaks of a solution yet I hope someone important can see these complaints.

Same issue happening here, playing from PC. I’m wondering if there’s some sort of port forwarding I need to put in place, or firewall exceptions that need to be added.

I’m on Xbox One X and also having difficulties. My NAT type is open, though.

Can’t connect to Online at all on PC, Finished the prologue but some online things should work anyway but there’s no error showing up, any solution?

I have the same Problem, it works for an Friend , and the xbox app is so slow and often down

A Reinstall worked for me

Likewise for me - unable to connect to Horizon Life. Completed prologue, playing on PC. The diagnostic shows attempts to ping a euro server, although I’m on the west coast of USA.


I have the same pop up as you did ! please help to fix it microsoft

same level 40ish well though the campaign I can connect no issues on my 1X but my PC will not. Xbox W10 app says no issues with connection.

I don’t get any diagnostic error message that comes up for me, but am also getting disconnected constantly. When I am able to connect, it’s only for 2-3 minutes before I receive a disconnected from session message. Sometimes I can’t even connection at all, it just sits on the spinning wheel saying connecting to session. Extremely frustrating since this is day two of me not being able to play online. It seems to work fine on Xbox one but why would I want to play on it when I can get 144hz on PC. I hope someone is actually monitoring these complaints and can help us. I have NAT and upnp enabled, and have gone through all the troubleshooting that supposedly worked on for a 7, including automatically starting peer to peer network services.

I am also unable to connect to horizon life. i have already completed the prologue. I am on a open nat and had no problems playing online in horizon 3 previously. i am in asia but strangely the error message showed it trying to connect to euro server. not sure how to fix this.

Can’t connect to online either on PC, works with FH3, just not FH4, any Ideas anyone? can I get a refund?

I’m having the same issue, can’t connect to live. I never get an error message though. I was thinking about reinstalling has anyone else had success with that? Also does anyone know if I reinstall do I lose my progress?

If everything works correctly you won’t lose your progress, it is backed up by the game and it will download it when you open it again.

I have the same issue, no connetion to the FH4-Live-Servers possible. Just want to race with my buddie.
i have tried reinstall the game. Not fixing the problem.

I’ve opend an support ticket, will be back if i got an answer. Waiting for 22h now.

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