(PC) DLC cars in my garage are unable to be used, free DLC showing as not purchased.

Here is a short video showing the -exact- issue: 2020 09 01 00 41 55 - YouTube

Windows 10 PC version

I have the free DLC for the seven Mitsubishi cars. They are in my garage. I cannot use them as it says I do not own the DLC.

Here is a short video showing the -exact- issue: 2020 09 01 00 41 55 - YouTube

Thank you any help is appreciated.

edit: my support ticket was of course met with generic response and no help at all :frowning:

Make sure the DLC is installed. If it is, try uninstalling just the DLC and reinstalling it.

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The regular way to purchased DLC on pc is to do it via the Microsoft store, and the mitsubishi car pack is no where to be found. There’s also the option to purchase it from ingame but that just opens a Microsoft Store menu and as you can see from my video is glitched and doesn’t work.

did you get the cars from a home…the home haz a menu for them i know you have to do that

No they are not in your garage but in the autoshop…

Except they are in his garage if you actually watched the video…

I play on Xbox One X - not had any issues with it but just wondering if you have any updates to the game that need installing. Having done a bit of searching around, the mitsubishi pack wasn’t exactly a DLC it was part of a game update, which added those cars to the game.

Not sure if that’s any help at all - what did support actually say in their generic reply?