Pathfinder Challenges & Accolades | Series 21

Pathfinder Challenges

Prove your mastery of Forza Horizon 5’s map in all-new Pathfinder Challenges. A total of 12 unique routes highlighted by markers have been added to Free Roam, with 3 available to complete in each week of the series. An associated accolade is also unlocked upon reaching the Pathfinder destination.

Each season, the first accolade is automatically unlocked and pinning it will set a GPS marker to the start of the first route. They will be marked by a series of trail marker balloons, which will be green at the start and finish line, and red along the route.

Once the first route has been completed, a second accolade will be unlocked, however it will not be marked on your GPS – you’ll need to refer to the accolade description to find out where the next one starts. This also applies to the third accolade that is unlocked upon completion of the second route.

Once all 3 routes in a week have been finished, a Treasure Chest is unearthed near the end of the third route. By achieving all the Pathfinder accolades, a new Player Badge and the 1953 Morris Minor Series II Traveler is unlocked.

Explore the Horizon - Wet Season Play Forza Horizon 5 during the Wet Season of the ‘Explore the Horizon’ series 50
Tulum Trail This beach resort has great views of Tulum and is where you’ll find the first marker for this trail. Seek it out and find where it leads… 100 Wheelspin
Guanajuato South Trail To south of Mexico’s biggest city is where you’ll find the start of this route, follow the markers to earn the reward… 100 Wheelspin
Aeródromo East Trail On the South East end of the abandoned airfield is where you need to go for this trail, but can you find its end… 250 Wheelspin
Explore the Horizon - Storm Season Play Forza Horizon 5 during the Storm Season of the ‘Explore the Horizon’ series 50
San Sebastian Trail Follow the road going West out of San Sebastian to find the start of this route, it’s path may be familiar too… 100 Wheelspin
Pantano De La Selva Trail The yellow fields in Pantano De La Selva will help you find the start of this Trail, its route will lead you through the trees… 100 Wheelspin
Estadio South Trail Take the bridge over the river to the South of the Horizon Stadium and you will find this trail, the route will get your tires wet… 250 Wheelspin
Explore the Horizon - Dry Season Play Forza Horizon 5 during the Dry Season of the ‘Explore the Horizon’ series 50
Cordillera Trail Taking the Southern exit off the freeway will uncover the start of this trail, build some speed and get some air… 100 Wheelspin
Playa Tranquila Trail Following the track North out of Playa Tranquila will reveal this trail, its route will lead you the Copper Canyon river… 100 Wheelspin
Ek’ Balam Trail Navigate through stunning Ek’ Balam and emerge to the South East and you will see where this trail begins… 250 Wheelspin
Explore the Horizon - Hot Season Play Forza Horizon 5 during the Hot Season of the ‘Explore the Horizon’ series 50
Cascadas de Agua Azul Trail Follow the road East out of Atlantes de Tula and you will stumble upon this trail, the river rapids will keep you on your toes here… 100 Wheelspin
Playa Azul West Trail Look to the North West as you leave Playa Azul and you should find the start of this trail, never mind those trees in the way… 100 Wheelspin
Bahía de Plano Trail Go flat out down the West side of the Dunas Blancas for this one, maybe dip your toes in the water… 250 Wheelspin
Master Explorer Complete all 16 Pathfinder Accolades 1000 1953 Morris Minor Series II Traveler
Explore the Horizon Collector Own the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickup, 2019 DeBerti Ford Super Duty F-250 Lariat ‘Transformer’, 1972 Chevrolet K-10 Custom and the 1986 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat 1000

So 1st one is easy mode “follow balloons” and 2nd/3rd are harder something like “driving geoguessr” type game?

Pathfinder is no challenge at all.
10 min to find a handfull ballons placed in a row.
Treasure Chest directly in the finish of the third pathfinder.

imho pathfinder should be a challenge


The Pathfinder Challenges just feels like filler to me…like when a TV series runs out of budget towards the end of the season and has an episode that uses only one location or video recaps. The Pathfinder Challenges just feel like they’ve run out of ideas and are just doing very basic filler things to keep up the pretense of player engagement and to give the game a boost in hours played. In terms of having a point, these have been the most pointless thing in the game to date

As to the challenges themselves, the only challenging part of the whole thing was realising that there were balloons to follow! I got to the start going towards the sea so there were no balloons to see as they were behind…took a minute of driving aimlessly around before I noticed them.


I like the basic idea of Pathfinder a lot!

But they need to be much more difficult. Suggestions therefore:

  1. First pathfinder start should not be shown on map but is to be searched and found like the second and third - with help from the description.
  2. Time should be much less than the 10 minutes. It should be so hard that you are not able to make in your first run.
  3. Should be longer in distance.
  4. Should be more difficult to drive (e. g. more through trees).
  5. Red balloons and green finish balloons should only become visible when you are actively driving the path - meaning after you have driven in between the first two green balloons. So that you are NOT accidentally finding the path while you are driving in freeroam. Therefore the balloons should vanish again when you are leaving the path underway.
  6. Leaving the path / deviating too much from it should result in failure and need to restart the path - like when you are leaving the road in a speed zone.

As I said in the beginning Pathfinder are a wonderful idea for a new category of PR stunts! It has been some years since the Trailblazers…

I am looking forward to see more of them in the future!


Actually, don’t mind these and I get why playground added them. They are trying to keep things fresh for a wide audience. Have to realize this game isn’t all about me.

Would be really cool for them to add more pathfinder races (aka CC style) and add subsequent rivals. Now that would be a challenging pathfinder event.


I feel there’s a fair amount of potential with these pathfinders. These have been basic but yeah, as written, a lot could be done.

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It is a good concept, but the challenge would be much better if physics were like Mudrunners. FH5 is too flat and simplified offroad.

I missed first week. Will I be able to complete this accolades next summer? Thanks.

Possibly not. Sometimes Accolade things only seem to happen once…as an example, there are Accolades for New Year (photo lanterns in the city etc) that could be completed in the New year after the game’s release…however, the lanterns did not reappear this past New Year.

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They intended to recycle it. It was just an “oops”. Seems like their goal is to have a recyclable event for each month, so that they can kinda go on auto-pilot eventually.

But agreed… it may be a minute before this actually gets recycled. Which sucks for completionists.