Patch anytime soon

Hmmm probably get blocked rhis as mods dont like people actually complaining. But does anyone have any information on when the next patch is due? The game is broken as hell. Multiplayer is a joke. Tuning on the whole is a bit better with some major flaws around aero and dampers. Even the leagues is a mess. Why are people still acting like idiots in div 1. Lagging all over the shop . I just want to race online hassle free with zero lag… fed up of being elbow dropped by other cars. Lol. Most my pals are just playing rivals. Yes we can do private but that is besiee the point. Didn’t pay this much for a broken game. Career is nearly finished also soooooooo… on the upside fallout 4 out soon I suppose.

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I was looking over the games you played. I saw Project CARS on there. I’m not sure how you can play a train wreck like that and then criticize FM6 as being all that bad. I’ve had really lousy moments with FM6, like when a long Lime Rock Park race was ended by a pit lane bug and I had to just shut it off because it was impossible to exit the pit, but that was absolutely nothing compared to my abusive relationship with CARS. That was one of the most broken games I’ve ever played, perhaps topped only by Two Worlds. FM6 has some bugs to work out, but it’s still infinitely better than CARS was, especially at launch but even months later.

We have absolutely no issue with people posting complaints and there are more than enough examples of posts and threads doing just that. What we do take issue with is the way in which some people choose to express their disappointment or raise issues. Invariably, it is not the content of a post that gets the poster in trouble, it’s the manner in which they choose to express themselves. This post of yours being a prime example of how not to raise an issue if one wishes to be taken seriously.

Turn 10 are aware of many issues that have been brough to their attention since the launch of the game, they are investigating and preparing fixes as best they can but it does take time and will not happen overnight.

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