Past Forzathon Vehicles

Hello, sorry moderators if this has already been addressed. I tried searching and found nothing conclusive. Has PG/T10 mentioned anything about the ability to earn past Forzathon cars, like in a rotating event award process? One example would be a few of the Porsche cars made available in the Spring. I am OBSESSED with the 959 and '82 911 3.3 Turbo. However, these events ended awhile ago and I don’t think it is reasonable, or fair, for people to expect to pay 20,000,000 game credits to purchase these vehicles in the auction house. Feel free to move/merge to a different thread. Thanks!

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Forzathon reward cars have made return appearances in the past; and we see the Chevelle HE make a return on July 4th, so I don’t think it is unreasonable to believe any/or all cars will see a return.

And no one expects you to pay 20mil, those prices are set by players, not the developers.

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Thanks for the reply. I understand the developers don’t set the auction prices. Just wish the players would be a bit more reasonable to the general community. I am on level 205 and have about 12 mil credits and that’s about halfway through single player campaign. At that rate I would have to be about 100% complete to purchase one of those cars and lose everything (credit-wise).

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Some have come back twice already like the 918. They do not reveal the schedule for these type of things like when exactly a car will return to Forzathon. This is your best place to check for upcoming Forzathons. Turn 10 will post the July schedule as well probably in next weeks week in review but you will not find info past that time frame until the next month.
Forza Horizon 3 Xbox Challenges | TrueAchievements.
It should be updated soon for the month of July.

Asking for an Online Community driven Auction House to be anywhere near reasonable is like asking a cat to not like naps.

Players lose perspective, and some with tons of in-game currency can’t understand why that isn’t true for everyone, sort of a Marie Antoinette ideology.

I for one sell my cars at Reasonable prices… I sold the Porsche 918 Spyder after is first came out for 900k, why? Because CR is fake and having tons of it doesn’t make the game better. I would rather someone get some enjoyment out of the car, than see a few numbers on the right of the screen increase. But hey, I don’t speak for anyone else, some players might love having tons of play money because it fulfills a power fantasy or checks off a box on their goal card.

At the end of the day, I would say if you really want to drive specific cars wait for future Forzathons or try the Rivals and Bucket Lists that feature those cars.


Thanks for being reasonable. I would gladly pay you 900k for the 918. Too bad I already have it, lol.

I agree, in game credits are meaningless. Its all about the cars themselves for me. Winning an HE car I’ve never driven on a level-up spin is much more exciting to me than driving 50 laps on Goliath just to rake in credits.

Hey Also I was wondering if and when the Lamborghini Sesto would be back beacuase i dont really have enogh time to back 7 million credits, and buy it in the AH! thanks