I cant be the only painter who is frustrated when you painted your car and then you dont want to buy a another so you save the paint with a custom name and start making a new paint and the new paint owerwrites the paint you have saved with a custom namne

I’ve had a few “anomaly issues” where the paint/vinyl behavior was inscrutable to me. A quick question in either paint forum will likely get a quick and helpful response…

A helpful tip, you do not need to own the car to paint it. When you go to the Paint area and the upper menu has the options that say “Apply Decals, Create Vinyl Groups” etc., scrolling all the way to the right will give you a “Select Car” option. From here you can pick any car in the game to paint, so you can make a new livery without ever removing one from your garage cars.

On to the actual save itself though, after you apply your decals/paint, hit the “View” button on your controller (the one with the two squares) and select “New File”, give it it’s own name and it won’t overwrite any previous liveries for that car. As long as you are working on that save it will only change that current file. Alternatively, if you pres “B” from the apply decals or paint menus, a pop up will be displayed that says

Apply to car and Save
Save to design catalog only
Exit without saving

Choosing “Apply to car and save” will overwrite whatever file you started with, regardless of name. Choosing “Save to design catalog only” will allow you to create a unique name for the new file and will not overwrite your previous design. You will notice that when you finish saving your car will revert back to your previous design. To get your new one, just go to the tab marked “My Designs” and select it, then hit “Load File”. this will apply your new design to the car.

Hope that helps!