Paintable helmets?

In the new E3 video, some of the drivers seem to have different helmets, wonder if this means we can finally paint them

Seems silly and if the helmets are different it’s probably a thing where you pick preset ones like in Gran Turismo. I doubt you can use the livery editor for helmets.

That would be great…imagine if you can custom your driver completely…but more important : pit-stops confirmed or not?

it would be a nice feature, especially for those of us that like photo mode, yes I have framed Forza screens shots on the walls in my house :grin:

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I also noticed that some of the cockpit-view shots in the videos feature different color trim on the driver’s gloves/sleeves.

They did which is very promising. I think it was the Cinque and the KTM that had different trim. Hopefully it’s full drive customisation. We’re now wake to customise or drivatars personality, so hopefully we can customise the driver’s appearance too. Even if the trim changed to the colour of the car would be good enough for me.

I believe Turn 10 has gone the route of providing pre-designed racing suits; but, oh, how creative could the community could get with a suit design editor.


That would be one of the coolest features ever!

New go pro view

Yes, they’re are female drivers available too now (I believe) so at least we can customize our racer more

I would be happy if you could choose from a number of racesuits. Choose from a number of helmet styles and have some level of helmet customisation.

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How about sparklies from the rear of the car too?



The suits that racers don are their uniform; they are often worn with pride and serve as an extension to a vehicle’s theme. If you don’t like the idea, that’s fine and you’re free to not use any such feature if the opportunity exists; but … judging by your signature, I’m guessing you would if you could.

The only way I’d paint a helmet is if it were sellable.

You should judge a bit less.

I see no reason to customize a suit or helmet unless the appearance of the drivers is prominently featured somewhere in the game, and I’m gonna go way out on a limb and say it isn’t…

I think the option to pick male/female is probably as far as it goes, and IF the trim conforms to the base coat on the car, great. After that, meh.

We know what you implied with your first, snarky remark. Practice what you preach.

As for this discussion: the more customization, the better!


I’ve tweeted Dan as seen from above. No customisable driver gear unfortunately

in forza 7 they really need to look into customizing what your character wears, gloves, helmet. Being able to customize your helmet would be kinda cool. it’d be a little thing but something to make your character feel like it’s yours. I mean there’s females now so there at least looking more at the character they give.

Don’t see this as being a high need at all.

Only benefit of any of this is if you could show your custom player design similar to what Halo does when you click on a player or if there is some sort of pre/post race footage that shows all of the players in lobby doing something like getting out of cars or showing the podium winners getting their trophies.

They should simply tie the customization to the MOD CARDS. That way you could see someone driving in a video with Day Glow yellow gloves, know that they are using a specific boost.