Paint fix for Dodge Viper ACR Horizon Edition

The Viper ACR Horizon Edition has an error or glitch. Whenever you paint the body a different color it also changes the rims to the exact same color. There is no way to change the wheel color aside from changing the body’s color. IDK if this will be fixed in a patch but I doubt it. I’ve only seen this mentioned one other place and it was in an unrelated thread so I thought I would post this here to help a few people out.

The fix is very easy.

The first step is to paint the entire car the color that you would like the wheels to be. It is important to know that your car will have the same finish as your wheels (glossy wheels = glossy car, matte wheels = matte car). This cannot be avoided.

Next you can paint the spoiler and the mirrors. If you are painting them to match the rest of the car then you can only pick the basic colors from the first section/page, if you are wrapping them in CF or wood grain then you can ignore this advice. Modifying the basic colors with x is ok.

The third and final step is just as easy. Leave the paint section and go to the vinyls/decals section. I picked the square but any solid shape would work. Make the square vinyl the color that you want the car to be. Center it on the car then enlarge it until it covers the entire side that you are working on. You are going to repeat this for each side except for the wing. Hold in the left stick and press x to copy the vinyl, press the bumper to move to the next side and press y to paste it on the new side.

Now you have a car exactly the way you want it rather than that disgusting yellow.

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I spent a good hour making the following list if anyone wants them, they all have polished graphite wheels. My Gamertag is thefancypance.

red w/ white stripes
blue w/ white stripes
black w/ white stripes
white w/ blue stripes
white w/ red stripes