Overall favorite car in Horizon 3?

My favorite has got to be the 2015 Corvette Zo6
Amazing car. Drifts well and does some pretty nasty pulls :slight_smile:

F12tdf, by far.
Amazing sound, great driving for a front engined car, very good looking inside & outside…

You guys should drive the new Audi R8, that thing is amazing to look at, drive, modify, bring to meets, race, and everything else. I love it a lot!

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I agree, the new R8 is an absolute blast to drive. It handles so well and pulls all the way up to redline. I got the car early on in the game thanks to Forza rewards and I have to say, it actually feels and drives better than the 2+ million credit Centenario.

I also agree with this. The C7 is one of my favorite cars in real life and it’s definitely a favorite in game. It handles so good and is pretty quick in a straight line. I’m not a drifter nor do I for it to be honest, but the Z06 is capable of sliding the rear end out on tap, I’m sure 650 lb ft of torque helps though. It’s a really good all around car.

This beauty


All stock s14 on blizzard mountain.

The XY GTHO Phase III.

The Warthog is my favorite.

Well, those are all alot nicer than my favorite, lol! My hands down favorite is my S1 GMC Syclone, RWD, rear aero only. 1006hp or so twin turbo that I love, absolutely love to run the Goliath with. Throttle control practice!! Hits 217 or so on the straights.

I put it up on my storefront as “Mr Hyde” because I built 2, that one and one with aero that has a little more grip I shared as “Dr Jekyl”.

There’s other cars I really like, but every time I get in my Syclone and start cruising around Surfers Paradise and realize how much I love driving that thing! It WILL take turns, just have to not overdrive it. It will also drift at 160 plus, lol.

Just love that truck.

It just might be the Isetta…

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I like off road so mine is actually between two. The Ford Raptor 2017 upgraded to S1 or the HE Ford Raptor. I just love throwing that 1000hp truck along the dirt roads. The one is the Group B S1 Audi Quattro… It has amazing gripnfor a 30 year old car.

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I’m torn between the 22B Impreza, mostly because it’s the only car where I really spent days tuning and toying with gear and camber settings to get the last bit of performance out of it, and the Morgan Threewheeler because it’s so much fun to corner at the edge of losing control, and because its stock configuration is so ridiculously powerful against D class AI drivers. Honorable mentions go to the 2014 BMW M4 because it was my first car in the game and I’ve spent so many hours in the beginning of the game with it, often returning to it and winning all the midnight battles except the last one against the Lambo in the M4.

More honorable mentions go to the 69 Camaro HE and the Mini HE (my favorites for Goliath grinding, mainly because I suck at high speeds), and of course the Ferrari 166MM…I just love driving that thing.

I too have quite a few favourites, but I keep finding myself going back to my S1 900 69 HE Stang. I downloaded Don Joewon Songs AWD set up and just never changed it since :smiley:

RJ Pro Truck, its fast and sounds awesome.

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I’m at wotk, just saw this. Is that the F100 Trophy? Writing that I’m feeling like it’s not and that’s a dumb question, lol. I’m at work, can’t look it up haha.

Whether it is or not, I will add to my favorite. The F100 Trophy Truck, mine is about an 850-60 or something. On Blizzard Mountain, thats my favorite for sure. I think its a lost a 9 liter V8!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!! That needs to be an engine available for muscle cars!! That’s a beast of a truck.

So, if we’re talking asphalt, high speed, Goliath type it’s “Mr Hyde” my Syclone. Snow, the F100 Trophy.

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The RJ Pro Truck and the F100 Trophy Truck are two different vehicles.

This week my favorite has to be the 1997 Mazda RX 7. I have been on a quest to learn how to drift and basically keep the skill chain going. This car with 1000hp tune from DJS is simply a drifters (wanna be) dream come true.

My favorite is a car I own IRL that finally made into the game with the last car pack. Too bad it and the Nova can’t switch sounds lol.

Hint: See signature picture :wink:

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I own a 66 SS 396.

Applause for other bow tie honk on this forum. Wish the Chevelle could compete with the Dart…in game I mean. I’d walk a lot of Darts in mine :wink:


Very nice :slight_smile:

I wish the same. I’d be running that Chevelle all over the place lol. Dragging Darts with their V12’s and AWD through the asphalt, dirt, mud, snow, and every other “Horizon” in this game :wink: