Our Shared and Saved Tunes

Is there anywhere in the menu’s where we are able to see all the tunes we have created and saved/shared? I’m getting tons of cash for downloads, likes, and uses, but having trouble find out out which tunes are being used. A single area to see all tunes you have saved would be AWESOME!!!

Unfortunately you have to sit in the car and check tune by tune this way… :frowning:

You can see all the layer groups and all the car paints in one place.

Sadly with tunes you must go to MY CARS jump into a given car and then go to my tunes and see what has been downloaded. Then you must repeat this for every car you have tuned.

I like to keep a file with all the cars I have tuned and what the build/tune is just in case anything happens. It also lets me stay organized - you could use something similar but record your download stats there as well, make your own trending data.