Option to skip practice session in FM Builders Cup

I know you can skip the practice session by starting it, then going to exit and skip practice. We need an option to skip when you first load into the race menu without having to actually start the session.

Not everyone wants to do a practice session before every race. And it would be nice to have a simple option to skip this without excess loading, menu scrolling etc.

Are you talking multiplayer? If so I absolutely disagree. Get warmed up do a few hotlaps make a few tuning adjustments maybe change a few parts. thats how forza should be.

I was referring to single player. Players should have the choice here.


100% agree. Especially for single player.

Give players the choice. No one is saying remove practice sessions from the game, just dont force me to go into practice before every race.

Needs to be a quick option to skip practice and jump straight in before it loads up the practice session

Or better yet, have a preference option in settings for what youd like the game to default to either practice or race!


Please make this mandatory practice go away. I know you can exit it after it begins, but I would rather not begin at all.

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Issue here is you have to start practice first, which means superfluous loading screens. Since the option already exists, it should be directly available when you load into the event without incurring any extra loading screens.


Please enable the option to skip the practice section.

Thank you Forza!

Start practice, exit practice right away you get option to skip.


Announced in the Update 5 preview blog:

a Skip Practice option to the Career mode pre-race menu to make it more discoverable, and a save point after finishing a Practice session so you can complete the Featured Race later.

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