It needs too much boring time to proceed with the Builders Cup

Practice run is not necessary, and an arbitrary starting grid system is not exciting.

Instead of practice run, only one LAP qualifying session is favored if the player satisfies one’s result, and the starting grid will be decided by the result of the qualifying.

One lap? I’d rather have half an hour and as soon as I have a time that I’m satisfied with, I start the race.


Nothing wrong with practice laps. Remember, it’s been half a generation since FM7, and I’m sure a lot of (the anticipated) new players have never played a Forza Motorsport game before.


I have nothing against an optional qualifying besides practice that players can turn on and off, I think that would make everyone happy.

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You can skip practice if you don’t like it and set where you start on the grid anyway. I disagree changing it to suit you find it boring if you don’t like it skip it but I thoroughly enjoy the practice laps and it feels more immersive setting lap times and seeing how you compare then battling the grid or setting a challenge and starting further back than what your fastest time states.