Open Empire Accolade - Is it feasible?

Hello everyone !

There is an accolade related to horizon open “Open Empire” that I am unable to complete (25 horizon open wins). I saw different posts talking about this accolade but it seems like there was no concrete answer about whether the accolade was doable or not (one on reddit and one in the support section). There is nothing about that accolade in the Known Issues list either. So, was anyone able to complete that accolade ? If yes, how did you do it ?

Thank you !

I have that one. I remember it getting after winning a Seasonal Playground. For some reason that event count as Open too. I won maybe two races in Open Racing and one Drift event. So everything else came either from PGG or Eliminator.

I unlocked it on dec 4 but I’m a good driver with more than 100 wins in horizon open.
Maybe in the first days after release it was easier than now.

I’ve done it. Mostly by drifting wins as I’m only average at racing but pretty good at drifting.

Thank you for the answers. I’ll try to win more horizon open races then !

Open Empire has just popped for me during the seasonal playground games. I’ve been lucky to win 1 Open Drifting event. All the other wins have come via playground games (selected via the seasonal playlist) or playground games selected via the Horizon Open menu (the odd flag rush or infected/survival win, the rest team games)

Wondering if mine is broke. I know I’ve won some seasonal playgrounds, more than a dozen Eliminators and an Open road race or two and there is no visual evidence of progress like there is for other Open accoladtes.

Just came here to say this two, really annoying how it doesn’t visually update like most other accolades should. Ive won 8 eliminator games, a couple Horizon open races and one drift event, as well as quite a few playground games but I’m unsure if they count or not. If they do, I’d be pretty close but maybe I’m only a couple away or it could be broken. No way to tell unfortunately.

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I would assume that only Playground games done from Horizon open count. The weekly Playground games wouldn’t count.

You would think so wouldn’t you? Yet other Horizon open Accolades are registering things from weekly PGG…flags scored and denied, for example, is counting ones from the normal weekly PGGs.

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Well I guess its one of the hit-or-miss Accolades.

I’ve won more than 25 Eliminators, and a decent amount of Seasonal PlayGround Games and a handful of Open races, and I’m still at 0.

It might be just a visual bug in accolades menu, because Open Empire doesn’t show any progress for me either, but I did get Open Minded (complete all Horizon Open Accolades) accolade. I can’t recall, if I ever saw a pop-up about completing Open Empire, and, if accolade points actually got counted.

Despite being there as an Open event Eliminator doesn’t count towards anything Open related, neither the achievement for winning an Open event nor accolades like this one.

Open Empire is definitely achievable, because I have it unlocked. You can figure out how far along you are toward earning it by opening up your ‘My Stats’ page, tabbing over to ‘Online’, and manually adding up the ‘Games Won’ totals for King, Team King, Flag Rush, Team Flag Rush, Infected, Survival, and Eliminator. I have no idea why Open Racing and Drifting aren’t recorded there, but I don’t believe that any wins achieved in either actually count toward Open Empire despite fulfilling the requirements per the description of the accolade. I know that I had already unlocked both Racing Champion and Drifting Champion prior to Open Empire, yet it still took me reaching a combined win total of 25 in PG event types in order to unlock the latter.

I unlocked it through Open Racing. The only games events I do are the seasonals.

I completed this accolade in 1st month of game’s release. Lower skilled players made it easy. Not that I am a bad player, definitely in top 10% when it comes to driving skill in the game.

Now people have found out which cars are OP for which class so difficulty has naturally gone up. However, I think it’s still doable by winning Team matches in Playground Games.

The only 2 bugged accolades are complete Horizon Tour in Rally Monster and Horizon Tour in S2 class

It’s bugged only the s2 horizon tour (because there are no s2 class horizon tour), I completed the other you mention.

Yeah, I guess cause you dont have an issue, nobody does huh… STFU goof

You only post to be ignorant like your right every time…again STFU goof

No, I only said that at present time there are no bugged accolade excluding the S2 horizon tour, I can confirm that all the other possible accolade are not bugged because I have completed all the possible accolades (excluding the creative one that I cannot reach and the discover and playlist one that it is not yet possible to complete).
If I have them ,this means that they are not bugged and it is possible to complete them.

There’s a large list of issues with accolades right here in the official known issues list. Even the developers acknowledge that there’s bugs, why act like there aren’t any?

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