Only one seller with Koenigsegg CCGT in auction house - hmm

Finishing up my garage and I need a Koenigsegg CCGT. I noticed there is only one single person selling them in the auction house. I’ve checked back over a couple of hours and it’s the same person exclusively. There are normally five of them for sale with a $20 million buyout. It’s also the only car I’m seeing at this ridiculous price and starting to wonder if something might not be on the up and up. Why are there literally zero other sellers in the entire auction house over the course of many hours?

Okay so this is really strange… I just popped back in there real quick to look again and all of those $20 Million listings were gone and there were two by random people for around 4 million. Did somebody pull those listings or is the auction house this much of a mess

It’s a wheelspin only car, so probably pretty rare.

Legendary Painters or Tuners buy the car for 4 million (Actual Pleb pricing) and are able to sell it for 20 million CR. To get to legendary status, your tunes need to be downloaded + used for 50,000 times. then you can flip any car for 20 million in Auction House.

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