#75 WRX STi VT15R - how to get higher car price in Auction House.

I have a little problem with this car. People sell it for above 6mln credits but I can only get around 200k for selling it. Any solution what I’m doing wrong? Thats only one Forzathon car which with i cant bid up the final price.

Do the sellers of the #75 have Legend Tuner/Painter status on their auction listings? If so, that’s why. You need to be a Legend Tuner/Painter in order to sell cars at an otherwise lower value that high a price IIRC.

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Thank for the answer m8!

wow, people sell this car for 6m ? is it because it’s from forzathon ?
28 february we can try getting it again on a one day event.

And today one man sold it for 8mln xd

I bet he probably didn’t pay anywhere near that for it… same as the RX7’s etc nearly all get snapped up cheap given a lick of paint and a tune up then sold on at a massive profit…