Online Road Trip Cheating?

I am not sure if this individual found a way to cheat or there were network issues but I recorded one of two races where I was 1st place crossing the line with no cars crossing before me. At the end of both races the individual in question moved from last to first after the race ended. Thought it was weird the first time and I dismissed it because according to the race results he was 5 seconds ahead of me but I couldn’t see him on the mini map or race screen. The second race was a team race. As racers crossed the line the individual gradually moved up the ladder from last to first and had 0 points while moving up the placement board. When the individual passed me on the board after the race was over the points changed. I had 450 to their 0. After the board showed them as first I had 400 and the individual now had 450 points.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Just a network issue or are people cheating somehow?
Race occurred about 1155 to 1205 on 11/16/14 central time.

I saved the snap app recording of the second race.

Sounds weird, could be cheating, not seen it myself yet

In horizon 1 due too lag and network issues on occasion all the racers would not start at the same time…he probably lagged a bit and beat your time but started slightly later than you

Its actually because the road trip is based on XP gained, not your position. If you drift the whole time and not race, you get more exp than you ever could actually winning. I do it all the time, i can come in last and still win the tournament

no, the OP is talking about line honors not the XP leader board.

This has happened to me before, it was the same exact thing. I believe it was a glitch because it also showed that player as having earned over a million XP in the championship as well as having the wrong class car. I never even saw him on the race track but he always won and he always earned a ludicrous amount of XP. I would imagine that this many exploits would cause major functionality issues so it must be a glitch.

I would like to mention that this has only happened once in all my experiences online.

I’ve seen position swapping postrace a few times. Seems to only happen in team races.

Never seen a last-to-first jump though.

Not only a last to first jump but one without being seen as a player on the track.

There it is. This is a known Forza problem. We had it on FM5 too. There is a driver on the track that only you cannot see, but they see you, and you can hear each other. If you hit them on the track you won’t even know it, but they will fly off. Because you don’t see them they will show in last place when in reality they are in front of you. The standings are corrected after the race ends. It’s a rare glitch in the game…not cheating.

I suspect this is related to the problem seen occasionally in showdown races where drivers in different classes leave at the same time.

I’ve seen that too, and it sounds like the exact same problem to me.

ETA: You know what? I just realized this explains some really odd behavior I see sometimes. Going into a turn, my car will react like it has been hit but there is no one around. I wonder…

Thanks. Played a lot of FM5 and didn’t run into it. I know now. Thx.

Same has happened to me and exactly as the OP described. I do think it has something to do with lag during that particular race; otherwise, due to the quick knowledge transfer within the cheater community, I think we would see a lot more of this. And it only happened once for me so far. So I am thinking lag.

Also, I have seen a racer with the wrong PI for a race in the list of racers at the end of a race, but I always thought this was someone that happened to join the lobby while the race is in progress and seems like a potential bug/glitch that needs to be looked into. But that is just my best guess. I don’t think there was any actual effect to the race.

Maybe that’s what happened to me. I had one online race that gave me ~50,000 XP for some reason. I just never figured out why. On my screen I did come in first that race but I’ve won before and didn’t score 50,000. I thought I’d just done some awesome thing in the race.

Thanks for the replies. So, I saw it in 2 races back to back and recorded the second one. The first was an individual 4 lap circuit race and the second was a team sprint race. What’s weird is that all other racers can be seen crossing the finish line but not this individual. The individual’s gamertag is at the end of the video and what I am explaining can be seen in the saved video. I wish I didn’t quit to see how much xp was given at the end of the championship. If it was lag it lasted for 4 laps in the first race. The individual was last for 4 laps. At the end of 4 laps their information moved them from last to first. That is some unbelievable lag. Over 5 minutes of it and what initially caught my attention but it didn’t click for me to use snap app on that race. I used the snap app when I saw it again at the end of the second race.

Even though I think the person was cheating somehow, I acknowledge the possibility of it being a network issue.

This happened to me as well, The guy kept beating me and I never saw him in the race. The next event was King and guess what, couldn’t see him then either. Sucked massively especially considering he was King from the start.

Last week in back to back road trips I saw a level 40 racer take the king and instantly disappear from sight and the map. The clock ticked down and they won. Next race they were back like nothing happened and they wouldn’t reply to me. The 1st time it was near a wall so I thought maybe they were hit out of the track like used to happen in H1, but the second time I was only a car length away and saw clearly. They were reported. Not sure if you can explain that one?