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Hey. Just what has happened to online racing? The crashes! The incredibly long gap between races that make you wonder if it’s crashed or not. I write this having just completed a race of of drift adventure and I’ve enough time to read a chapter of a book. It was never this bad

They haven’t told us why. I’ve never seen anything like it in any other game though, especially from a rich first party AAA developer. We can assume they have the resources and ability to fix it, so we can infer they don’t care to.

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I can’t see them changing it now. All their efforts will be going into FH5 which is out in a couple of months. I hadn’t been racing online for a while but thought I’d try and complete a couple of star cards. I’ve now all but given up on the idea which is a real pity as the racing is fun, I like what they’ve done to stop the people who just use accelerate and use you or a wall to stop themselves

Longest I waited is 42mn on FFA

I have a suspicion (just a feeling) that they are throttling server capacity which results in the long load times etc. I only do online once a month for the Playlist requirement and, despite doing it at probably the heaviest server load (due to lots of people doing it to complete the req), I have never had any long load times…always loads same as it always has done.

It’s an intermittent issue NM. You can do several adventures in a row fine and then suddenly have one where you are “fast traveling” for 10 minutes. No idea what causes it but it’s very annoying.

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I’m fairly certain it has something to do with adding Steam to the game. I played for awhile today and noticed the only time it took forever to load was whenever a new, low level player entered the lobby. To me that suggests it’s a Steam player joining the lobby since the previous race loaded fine with higher level players only in the lobby.
First FFA I joined started from the first race, A class dirt racing. The wait time between the end of first race and free roam rush was pretty much normal, a minute or so.
As we went into the second race, all was still going good until the next free roam rush, noticed 2 very low level (5 & 21) entered the lobby, at which point wait times went into 10+ minutes for the duration of the adventure. Next adventure started out good, but same thing happened, low level players entered the lobby and the delay started again. After the low level players either quit or got booted, the game went back to normal until the “new” player joined the lobby.


I couldn’t have said this better, WTH dude? First post and it’s exactly what I typed out based on my own gaming experience? No wonder you keep me locked in approval mode.

Online Racing the past 2 weeks or so is almost impossible for me. Infinite Loading times, waiting for other players or disconnects in the middle of a race.
Does not want me to buy FH5 :frowning:

rather an incompatibility between steam players and long time created profiles. Having both in the same lobby results in long loading times.

I just started drifting and all went fine with unranked free drift evets. But after hitting rank 3 I wanted to get qualified, for star card purposes, well I get disconnected every single time before first event starts.

I try to play some unranked and inevitably it ends up stuck sitting at a results screen for ages on end. If this can’t be fixed, I have little faith in FH5. I’d rather race FH2 and 3 instead. Which means I’m not in line to buy FH5. Yeah… Been 10 minutes after just one race, screen has dimmed, stuck on results. Really sucks. I give up. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I would imagine they will resolve it for FH5. Bear in mind that the Steam release was just crowbarred into the exisiting game with, presumably, no thought for how it might affect things…with FH5 they will be integrating it into a brand new game so will, hopefully, program accordingly. Of course, it being Playground, I have my reservations about it being done properly


Yes, AFAIK they have never acknowledged the existence of this problem, much less promised to fix it. If at least they came out and said FH5 definitely won’t have this problem, we’ve identified the cause and solved it, people could have confidence.

But as said above, it’s Playground… that isn’t how they operate.

that’s why I’ll wait 'til I can play FH5 with game pass over the xbox app on my PC. If everything works fine, great, I’ll buy the game. If not I sure as hell won’t spend a dime on it
IMHO the only way to not get ripped off again by playground and microsoft

this problem is well known for months (years actually) . it never got adressed by T10 or PG. And now that FH5 is almost here they surely won’t do anything about it now!
my informed best guess is that they either didn’t know how to fix it or simply did not care. I personally tend to think it’s the latter.
yet we still play and prove them to be right not to care

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I was on event 4 of 5, a little over a mile to the finish and the event just ended. Somehow between the start of the race and the end of the race I gained 3 team members, I was in second place when it ended. The results awarded 50 points to one of my team members and 0 points to everyone else. After 15 to 20 minutes, it jumped to the very end, skipping event 5 completely.

If this is how it works, I will only be doing enough online events to complete seasonal challenges. The unending wait and the racing is just awful.

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That was ranked or unranked?