Waiting... waiting... waaaaaaaaittng!

Seriously !?
Brand new PO game… first online race FIRST race(!!!) already waiting for 8 minutes to start !!!
And another 5minutes between for the next race in the championship!!!
It’s the EXACT SAME BS they pulled in FH4
I paid a 120 quid for the more or less same game with the EXACT SAME server/session issues!!??

Now really seriously: FIX THIS INSTANTLY!!!


I actually thought they would fix this.


So did I. Takes a seriously high level of incompetence to allow such a major issue like this to be present in the latest version of the game series. I did save a lot of money by waiting until release, at this point, I’m not even sure I’ll waste time on the game itself. I’m certainly not buying it.


That’s a joke, online racing is basically all I care about. Back then it all started with FH4 launching on steam, I guess everything is still running on same servers so it’s not surprising there is not a slightiest change.


exact my sentiment. i really couldn’t care LESS about adventures and riddles and expeditions and all that crap.
i want to race. ONLINE race vs other players.
today is Sunday 11. 14. it took me and my mates about 45 minutes to finish 5 races in a dirt road series. 45 minutes of which we maybe actually raced like 20minutes, probably less. the rest of the time we were standing around waiting.
unfortunately T10 and PG games can’t even be bothered to address this issue. an issue which after all is known for years know. they just released the next title without trying to fix this. this is just outright insulting


It’s like they are paying to be the bug finders for PG.

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Great video ! lmao :slight_smile:

Seriously, I do feel really sorry for all the guys having pre-ordered and facing this and all the other issues shared on the forum.


They did announce proudly game went gold (The term release to manufacturing (RTM), also known as “going gold”, is a term used when a software product is ready to be delivered.)

There might be a “small” confusion with silver (A release candidate (RC), also known as “going silver”, is a beta version with potential to be a stable product, which is ready to release unless significant bugs emerge. )

After, the notion of bug varies, some consider bug is related to a feature not achieving as expected or as common sense would require. For PG a bug is certainly more something like “something possibly affecting negatively the sales of the product”

FH4 is still living with online issues and online being a secondary feature, I am not so sure they will fix that soon, not even sure they have the people for that as there is quite a difference between avatars gender management and worldwide online synchronized low latency services management.


I came to the same conclusion some few days ago.

when you don’t know driving and you have money to waste …

Feel like having a fantastic game engine, super high detailed car models, sounds, superb digital world, physics model and all was pushed in the hands of

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Not surprised there are server issues given you can barely keep connected in a Horizon Life session for long before the “You have been disconnected” message. It’s clear that PG/T10/Microsoft didn’t botheradding any additional server capacity for the pre-launch…hopefully it will calm down but I have my reservations.


This is my biggest disappointment with FH5. I figured they weren’t bothering fixing it on FH4 because they were spending all that time developing a new game and will look into it then, but it turns out it just wasn’t a high priority to get addressed at all. Now when the floodgates open on Tuesday, internet will be full of threads and messages like these and I hope they won’t be able to ignore it for too long.

I have no regrets buying the game and I’ll definitely get my moneys worth, but things like these really need to be addressed immediately.


I haven’t completed a five race adventure yet, I can’t be bothered to sit there for an hour, with most of that looking at loading screens.

Some of the delays are built-in as well. Even after all the loading, when it shows the scoreboard before a race, you still have to wait for another 15-30 seconds before the race begins - why? And then at the end of the race, there are five seconds while the screen blurs before the scoreboard appears. Nothing is streamlined, there is no consideration for players’ time or the fact we want to get on with it. I’m just playing one or two races and then quitting. I don’t know if I’m getting any XP or CR, I wouldn’t in FH4 doing that but it seems to be awarded at the end of each race here which is better at least.


Might as well post this here, just doing some more online races and noticed that there’s a bug where it says someone else is in 1st, even though I am leading (by a mile). When I cross the finish line it says I’m 1st but not until then. It’s happened in the last two races now.

edit - and again in the next race. This is a pretty bad bug. It isn’t the same as the old one from FH4 where finishing places were wrong if you were close; this is the wrong position throughout the race, even if you finish 15 seconds ahead of 2nd.

And the next two, 5/5 of an adventure. First time I played a whole one from start to finish as well. Won all 5, mostly showed in 2nd, though at times it fluctuated on circuit courses, at the same location. Strange.


This is the most disappointing thing about FH5.

I too really thought that the extensive delays in online racing would be fixed from FH4.

Not only have they removed ranked online racing, I, like @FullNietzsche, am incredibly frustrated at having to wait for 15-20 minutes in between races in the new online environment.

Also (and not really related to this issue), why have they reduced the time for drift races to 4 minutes? On several tracks, this isn’t enough to do even 2 laps.


I really couldnt believe this wasnt fixed from FH4, I thought for sure it would have been but its become clear to me from all the online issues in FH4 to now ranked being gone, the loading times still broken and the leaderboard glitch showing positions wrong that they simply do not care about online racing in the Horizon games. The no ranked for me is an actual game killer I really only care about/play that. No custom or team adventure is the final nail in the coffin for me, im too fast to play with my friends without team adventure I just win everytime and they dont have fun. At least with team I could carry with them on my team instead of having to go against them now. Extremely disappointed especially when I know NOTHING will be done about any of these problems. The FH4 known issues list was no smaller at the end of its life, they do not fix most things.


Without custom adventure the game is already boring to me. That was the whole point for me…racing road events online with fast racers. $100 wasted!