Online Hoppers

On Xbox One, these are pretty buggy at the moment.

Things that have happened to me today:

  • when in a online lobby, pre or post race, the menu system is very very slow, dimwitted and seems to have a mind of it’s own
  • sometimes after a race with the continue and save replay buttons I can’t select anything
  • often post race, I get stuck on the driver level “update” where it shows your progress and can’t get out
  • sometimes I join a lobby in time to start, but stay out in the pit lane and the race starts without me
  • the latest one, i was parachuted in from about 50ft at the start line, landed on top someone’s Mini. 3,2,1… Go… everyone races off - but I’m stuck where I fell, in gear, revving but can’t move
  • randomly crashes out to xbox dashboard

Surely it’s not just me?

Small update: The issue of not being able to move during a race also persisted until I reset the console.

Actually scratch that: just got into the hurican hopper- set off, seemed kind of slow but thought maybe just too much wheelspin. But nope, I couldn’t get over around 70 mph, flat out. Then thought I’d stop, try full throttle launch. After I stopped, couldn’t move- in gear, revving - nothing. Thought I’d wait and save replay but got kicked due to inactivity.

Haven’t had so many issues since the infamous FM4 multiplayer issue (which remains bugged to this day!).

After a bit more testing I’m no longer able to drive any car in a hopper now.