Online Adventure?


I might be being really stupid, but in FH2 and FH3, me and my buddies used to play Online Adventure mode, and we’d get a bunch of events, some were all vs all, some were team events, etc etc.

Now when we do it, it seems all the events are team events? Is this right? Am I using the wrong mode etc?

Help! I don’t mind team events, but it’d be nice if some of the events were a free for all.


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Add to that that the voting option was taken away from us. So, nowadays we are forced to race dirt racing or cross country all the time. I mean nobody likes dirt racing and cross country so why we are forced to race that is a mystery to me.

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Yep… its a mystery for me aswell… no class to choose no racetype to choose… they surely messed up the multiplayer. Maybe i’ll play fh4 again when they fix multiplayer. But tbh, after all the hype and the game even being advertised as an online game i kinda feel they pulled a joke on me. Some reviews even highlight how great of an online game it is… seriously?

The game is clearly centered around Co-op play. I tried it with a group of friends last night and it’s broken. There is more of an advantage to have a smaller team. You can’t change a car for different types of races. When you’re done playing there’s no smooth way to quit.
There were lots in my group complaining when we got locked into winter. Personally I liked it better, but I’d also prefer dirt/rally over street.