I played over 500 hours over FH3 multiplayer... I can barely play more than 1 adventure in a row now

Bluntly put, the online multiplayer is absolutely objectively terrible. It honestly blows my mind thiking about the utter incompetant developer decisions that went into this mode.

I could play FH3 for hours, now I can barely play a single adventure without just shaking my head and walking away. Whoever came up with this idiocy needs a firing.

-Team racing is terrible. Came first in every race? Sorry, you’re getting moved down a rank because your teammates were bad. Want to see lap times and finish times? Lol no, you can see this jumbled up leaderboard full of meaningless ‘team’ score instead.

-Barely any classes availible. Did they forget D, C and B class car exist? No one wants to play S2 kiddy ramfest every game.

-Can’t even vote for what we want to play. Why. Just why. As if no D, C, B was bad enough… now we’re forced to play S2 cross country.

-Freeroam rush. This is the big one for me. I simply cannot get my head around why this is scored towards the championship. Oh, you’re having an S1 street race around Edinburgh. NOPE we’re now scoring you on how well you can drive cross-country in a straight line. Pure stupidity. Just give us more actual racing and cut this nonsense. I would put my controller down for this, but somehow it counts towards the championship, and somehow it drags my team down with me…

-Insanely long loading times. Why does everything take absolutely forever to load? Why does the game take 2 minutes between races? FH3 was nowhere near this bad.

-Annoyed at the shambolic multiplayer and want to play division rivals? Loooooool, bad luck, we’ve completely inexplicably removed class-based rivals. What. Idiot. Made. This. Decision.

Yes, I’m angry and yes I’m venting, but come on. This isn’t rocket science, it’s such simple fixes. Why on earth they decided to ruin multiplayer I don’t know, but we haven’t had any sort of contact or acknowledgment about this terrible MP since the game came out 4 weeks ago!!!


We have been writing about all this for several weeks, most of the players who played fh4 do not like it.
Multiplayer is not playable.

We have to wait for the fixes, preferably playing FH3 :slight_smile:

All of that coupled with the fact that we don’t have a ghost mode, and yes, the online isn’t very interesting. I don’t mind to lose 50% of credits or anything, I just want fun, but with all those stupid kids who ram you into walls all the time, the fun is just inexistent, this online mode is a joke.

P.S.:Sorry for my english, not my mother language.


Thats exactly what quite some people are thinking,. Including me.

They need to put in ghost mode. I won’t play with all the kids who just want to ram people. As a matter of fact cause this game is so bad I might not touch it again after fallout 76 comes out.

I dont mind the freeroam part but I sure hate the team aspect. You can have 2 really good drivers and the rest of your team can sink you at the finish. FreeRoam to me, is a little way to balance out the odds when comes to people who simply cant stay within the flags. Even if you lose in the races itself you might be able to keep things close by winning the freeroam round

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I share all your frustrations and add a few more:

  1. 99% of the cars that the game has are running on asphalt
  2. 99% of races in multiplayer are cross country or dirt track

What hit them in the head? Is it a crisis of existence? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Oh man, so this.

There are so many ‘normal’ cars I want to try out online… only I can’t because I’m forced into playing dumb S2 cross country, and I can’t even use any low class cars [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]

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BING! The bell has wrung and he came out a-swingin’! Beat the snot right out of them. :slight_smile:

There’s been so many complaints about this, I can’t imagine them not making changes. They’d have to be brain dead not to. Hopefully it’s sooner instead of later.

Yet the big 25th October Creator Content has arrived and not a mention of changing anything! I am completely DONE with the Team Adventure and online Multiplayer with this game which leaves me with little left to do than wait till i have friends online to race with… Shambles…

Same as you guys, so impatient to get the Halloween clothes, that was my top improvement request for that game. from the day it will be there, this game will be the best ever !

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