Online Adventure disconnecting

Hi guys,

Is anyone else having issues with Online adventure? Every time i get close to or start race 3 the game will disconnect me with out fail. I’ve cleared cashe, checked my wired connection (all is fine) and still it disconnects me. I’m so close to throwing his game in the bin now, problem after problem.

Only all the bloody time. It’s got so bad that I persevere at the beginning of the season long enough to get my qualifying adventure for the season points then never look at it again.
Which is a shame because when it works it’s usually a lot of fun. Waiting for ages to find a session then going through the long winded process of getting into it only to get disconnected is frustrating and I play games for entertainment, not frustration.
The developers clearly don’t care about it. People have been moaning about it for months and nothing is done.

No need to persevere, it still counts if you get disconnected. I just go into one, get disconnected, then after maybe 15 mins (probably when the adventure has finished), it shows me as having completed it on the playlist.

I have no problems with any other games, and I completed the Trial twice without getting disconnected. Did a ranked drift adventure and was disconnected right at the start of the first race.

I play ranked online a lot and probably get disconnected once or twice a month. I know a lot of others who play regularly as who have similar experiences on both pc and Xbox. Whilst the servers are not as robust as they should be, if you are getting disconnected in a large proportion of adventures then that isn’t normal and must be something specific to you.

yes all the time that is a few times each month for qualifed cbb anymore with this, cheaters in drift adventure and for some reason if you go to hard in usually getting disconnected faster rather if i just semi afk crusing aiming for lowest pos i usually make untill qualify…

and let me guess getting booted effects your rank even if your unranked? expecting something else would just be wierd by now.

lerking the auctionhouse seems much more effiecent right now if your just after the new cars…

it is always particularly bad when the series changes, because then more players play and the servers do not participate.

yesterday in the ranked the entire team was kicked out. at the 2nd race it was only a 1vs1.

I’ve been having this issue for more than a year.
Only today It hapenned 4 times and I’ve lost more than 100 ranking points as penalty for something that is not my fault.
I’ve tried everything I could find to fix this and it doesn’t work. While I play, I keep a test running to test my intermet and there’s no issues with it.
Support is of no use and try hard to pretend this issue ‘doesn’t exist’.
Something needs to be done, it’s really infuriating.

It’s not Support tries to ignore issue, they know it is there, they are not allowed to confirm any game issue ( NDA ) and the devs have pretty different objectives. Ranked and more globally online is played by very few players compared to the rest of the game therefore ranked is not a priority. FH only priority is ‘More players’ period.

Having logged a ticket is the good way, not that they will handle your ticket but if your ticket is one of thousands on the same subject they may consider the issue at some point.

At the moment, the steam players adding to FH is what keeps their attention. Not even sure they investigate regarding the endless waiting times on regular online.

Not only have you guys not fixed the issue of points acquired or lost in ranked multiplayer not counting at all for over a year when someone quits, now we can’t even play the game anymore because of the constant freezing, disconnects, and extreme load times between rounds and selecting your car in any online match! I’m about to give up on this game it’s like you guys are purposely making us hate the game by not fixing anything at all ever! Also what’s the point in adding new cars if they’re all going to be utterly useless like the Raesr Tachyon, you can’t even upgrade it to the top of S2 998 class! It’s completely useless to anyone who wants to play against something other than an AI!


Fyi, they are not reading there, the community guy posted like 10 times in a year, not once regarding an issue raised by players … Place is just players discussions period.

Yes, the first Community Liaison manager posted 1,082 times in about 15 months. The replacement one has posted 21 times in about 15 months, of which one post was actually responding to something raised on here. It’s unfortunate as engagement with the player base would go a long way to easing some of the frustration caused by the many ongoing issues.


Let’s be realistic here. The game is several years old and they’re not going to make any major changes to it at this stage, and to be perfectly honest I don’t really want them to. I’d much rather they take the lessons learned from FH4 and apply them to FH5.

You know new FH is based on FH4 code wich is based on FH3 code …
Play FH3 after FH4 and look how much bugs from 3 got into 4 (not tested 1,2)
in new FH are bugs from 3, 4, 5 then

I guess I should count myself lucky to not have played fh3 online then. But then again, when I did try I had numerous issues, which I blamed on my ISP at the time. FH2 was quite fun online and I rarely had any issues at all with connectivity. Again, the few times I had issues was when my ISP was doing maintenance, other than that, I could play for hours without issue. I was playing need for speed when FH1 was all the rage so I missed that one, it was FH2 that brought me from PS to Xbox. Well, that and the decline of NFS after The Run came out.

The question is, will they? I honestly doubt they will.
The disconnect problem has been around for 2 years, long before they probably even considered fh5.
The fact that some new content added to the game requires online racing seems to escape them as well. Putting a new car at a 50% reward pretty much guarantees you will have to do some form of online event. Without the trial and ranked, 80% is unachievable.
They need to listen to all their players, not just the AH house warriors and drift monkeys. I’m losing all interest in FH5 as the days drag on, because if they can’t fix problems after two years, I highly doubt they will improve with a new title. I can find other things to spend money on and enjoy them.

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My weekend with fh3 in one video :smiley:

it was 10 minutes to complete this race with 2 piles of drivatars

I haven’t disconnected in a while, but I’ll still sit 10 minutes or more in a lobby or on a pre or post racing screen without the ability to do anything.

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Same, i have to wait 15 mins for events and theres 5 in total which takes forever and sometimes in the worst part of all of that is on final event i got disconnected randomly out of the blue so i lost progress and my team. Nothing wrong with my network; but it rarely happens but it kills me when it happens!