ok, why was i banned from the discord server?

ok so i was banned from the forza discord server for no apparent reason, and i honestly have no idea why i was banned. i keep getting warns for my username, bj banana (which i can kinda see why its not allowed, but almost all forza players have no idea what it means) and when i changed it to banana, it still wasnt allowed! a fruit wasnt allowed! so then i changed my username again, and afterwards i was banned! why? the username i changed it to afterwards was, seriously forza what is allowed, and thats because they arent giving me a clear list of whats allowed and not allowed, so how am i supposed to know if banana isnt allowed? how? its a fruit i eat! please unban me, and i might change this once my nitro runs out in two days, my discord username will be apple #5432, once discord allows me to change my name again.