Banned Message

Hello i really want to know why my game keeps getting this message (Your gamertag has been banned from this feature, please visit i just logged on a couple of days ago and its really been bugging me i dont know if its to do with my designs because all my created designs have been taken off but i dont get why none of them were offensive ect all they were was “drift sponsors” and “japanese stickers” and other small vinyls i really dont know what ive done wrong ive had alot of downloads on my decals and upvotes for them but i really dont get why im banned :s i want to play your game and you ban me from using the editor? come on forza get a grip all i do is just drift for fun and play the game… im not doing no harm :confused: mods or admins please reply ASAP because i need this sorted, thanks.

You clearly did something that violates the Terms of Use and got banned.

Then - after you were banned you got an in-game message or e-mail telling you exactly why you were banned. You either ignored it, deleted it, or didn’t notice it and did not change your behaviour or remove the offending livery and now, you were banned again. Read the message, remove inappropriate liveries, and follow the Terms of Use you agreed to.

i didn’t give me clear instructions on what i was being banned for… all i did was click on the liveries and it came up with a message saying “banned for 166 hours” and something like ermm “please contact support if you get this message” didn’t not say anything at all about deleting any inappropriate liveries, i don’t have inappropriate ones one sorta of the chart thing i had was a “weed Leaf” because i was requested to make it, i had seen other ones like my on the store but yet they have not been banned but i have?

You hit the drug nail on the head, that will cause a ban every time. The hours shown “166 hours” would actually be two hours after the ban was placed - 168 hours or seven days, from the date/time the enforcement happened.

The Xbox Live Code of Conduct clearly states what is unacceptable, and we all agreed to abide by it when we created our gamertags. If you don’t remember what is in there for future reference, go read it.

The weed leaf is probably why you got banned as it represents a drug which violates the ToC’s of Xbox Live. Perhaps the others aren’t banned yet because they haven’t been reported yet.

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