Banned, but really want to know why

My name is Michael and I have been banned from forza horizon 2 for the second time and I really want to put this right. Unfortunately I have no idea why.

The first time may have been to a tenuous reference in my team name but now I’m thinking that either I have mistakenly not adhered to the TandCs (to which I have fully read and believe I have not abused) Or that I’m a victim of a 3rd party.

I’m a massive fan if forza and have played all the games and have given a lot of time to supplying the community with quality graphics and I really want to continue to do so. You have to believe me I have no idea what I have done to deserve this. I want to put it right. But I dint know where I have gone wrong.

I have gone through every thing and I cant see anything that is even remotely iffy.

Please help as I just want to do the right thing.


Ps: Ive tried email turn10 but I understand they are busy. But how else am I going to resolve this.

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Hammy Knight: A ban situation can be resolved by adhering to the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, which, among other things, requires us to not post creations which include profanity like posting *-Off or that something prevents mini vans .

Neither bans nor the enforcement of the Code of Conduct by the developers are discussed on these forums.

I understand the sensitivity of some logos but all I have Is a dc logo some number plates with Hammy 1, Kenwood, drifted, and a logo for my team name (just word and a picture of a badger) badger loose racing (I’m pritty sure that cant offend anyone)
I hardly race online and if I do I’m clean

Surly there’s been a mistake. I cant just accept that I will keep getting banned untill I loose my xbox live account without anyway of defending my case

Ps sorry for the spelling in doing this on my phone grrr :wink:

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