hey all I’ve been banned from FH2 for a while now and I’m wondering why and when will I be unbanned this is the second time I’ve been banned the first time was for speeding in my vw type 2 bus well that’s the last thing I done in it no rude things or nothing I got it to 249mph and the second time just came on one day and it says I am banned I didn’t read how long because I accidently hit X to delete the message if you know why I was banned PM me on Xbox or if you are working for forza PM me on Xbox and/or unban me (if a good reason) tell me why thanks MLPB

Profanity is a violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct, and a second-time ban is worth 30 days (720 hours from the time it was placed). Third time is permanent, so I suggest you review the Code and abide by it.