Ok guys new drifter here =/ any advice?

Ok guys so I have been playing forza sience forza 2 and I love them I cant get enough of forza I am a decent racer as far as circuit and drag and I have always loved drifting that has been my favorite kind of racing sience I can remember nothing better then getting sideways in a curve smoking your tires but in all of the other forzas I didn’t really drift to much I want to get into it more in forza 5 but im not so great at tunning drift cars or even drifting period at that matter lol so does anyone have any good advice about tunning good drift tracks good drift lobbys etc.

Drifting is subjective. A lot of people start out with completely different cars, or completely different tracks. Though I guess it doesn’t hurt to suggest.

I usually like to suggest the AE86 build in C-Class. Usually has around 180hp so you won’t be scoring big points but you’ll learn the basics of car control and weight transfer. Once you’re comfortable, up the power.

Car build is race everything except for sport roll bars, and street tires with only the 2nd skinniest tires as upgrades.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the advice man I will try it out I guess I just gotta find the right car and like you said get a feel for drifting maybe I can find some cool people to drift with and learn a few things lol

Suggest drifting alone first until you can at least get a full-pull of the course. Some people are easily annoyed by people who spin frequently etc. But yeah, it’s more about what you like rather than this is the best car etc etc

There is a lot of good advice in the Drift School Thread as well.

Ae86, 240sx, almost any BMW, 2000 Cobra.
I would start with one of these cars.

Like Aero said start with low power. You can gradually add more and more as you get more comfortable with it.
His tire suggestion was good as well, again you can start adding width gradually but there is a lot of weight transfer in this game so the added grip of wider tires may hinder your drifting in the early stages as the snap back of the weight transfer can throw you right around.

The best advice I can give other than what was mentioned above is to make sure to tune your gears so you can go full throttle, say in 3rd gear, through a drift without it bouncing off the rev limiter. you want to find a happy balance where you can use full throttle in a drift without it bogging out or revving too high.

You may want to get used to using clutch as it can come in handy but there are lots of people who drift without it so that’s up to you.

Well see that’s the thing I can handle a car good as far as just racing its just the upgrades and tuning im not good with in racing u just throw the best and fastest stuff on a car to win in drifting its more to it and im not so good with it right now im attempting to use a Honda S2000 to drift and its not working out so good =/

What kind of Camber, Castor, Toe, and tire pressure are you using?

Tire Pressure

Front: 28.0 psi
Rear: 28.0 psi


Front: -1.6
Rear: -1.4


Front: 0.3
Rear: 0.3

Front Caster

Angle: 6.0

And also here are two videos of me attempting to drift the S2000 is with it tuned the Subaru isn’t tuned its just upgraded to C Class

Honda S2000:


Not too bad. I would suggest going just a little more on your front camber. Toe isnt too crazy so thats fine. Now its just gonna be practice and more practice

Ok when I get on ill tune it a little bit and what do you think the front samber should be set at?

ok I have been drifting since forza 4, so I can help you here

#1: if your drifting up hill, Light weight cars are terrible, since there so light, all there weight is being pulled down the mountain or turn you are taking.
#2: Muscle cars are not the best for drifting, but once you get a feel for other cars, you can attempt Muscle cars.
#3: Front wheel drive cars are hard to drift, but I have developed a way to drift them (Only works on Forza Horizon) turn off traction control and build up your speed in the approaching turn, tap the e_break button, and use the momentum of the car to drift through the turn, now front wheel drives are design to force themselves back straight when they lose traction, so once you see your car going back straight, hold the e-break button for a second or two until you are back into the slide.
#4: Don’t go crazy with weight reduction, you want a Light car, but enough weight so your not flying into the guard rail.
#5: All wheel drives are useful in drifting (Only in forza Horizon) since they have the all wheel drive system, the provide better traction, faster acceleration, and when in a drift provide that extra grip to keep the drift going, also don’t let people tell you all wheel drive drifting is power sliding, it’s still drifting.
#6: I don’t recommend drifting exotic cars such as Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, ect, cause like Muscle cars to much power, but then again I am able to drift them, so just practice with a car that you can drift, I recommend the 2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R V spec for a starting exotic car.
#7: Traction control is to much grip, now it’s good for early practice, but once you feel confident, turn traction control of and you will find drifting much easier, also you will either lose or gain traction in drifts, depends on how you look at it.

I don’t drift up or down hill just on level ground lol and as far as the cars and stuff I don’t got with muscle or exoctic cars right now anyway im just looking for the basics right now

Put my 0.02 in bold underneath.

In my opinion somewhere around -2.5 to -3.0
I would bring up the front tire pressure a tad as well.

I always ran 26-28 rear and 30-32 up front. I got some good advice a week or two ago about bringing the front tire pressure up a little higher. I am just now running 28 rear and 40 front and noticed a significant difference. Much smoother.

Ok ill try it out and upload another video to let you see how it worked for me if any of you guys are ever online send me a invite im not that great but I could watch and learn and it could you guys more of an idea of how I drift (what im doing wrong)

Was wondering if anyone was going to say anything about that guys post he had some good points but don’t know why he kept saying Forza Horizon only. Would like to say some exotic cars are easier to drive because of the wider wheel base.

See that’s what I was woundering I know for me starting out I don’t need to use them but it does seem like exotic cars would have a wider wheel base then say the S2000 im attempting to use but I think it would have way to much power for me to start with

Also in forza 3 I know its noobie but I was pretty decent with a AWD car