Ok guys new drifter here =/ any advice?

If you drive it with stock engine parts it shouldn’t be to bad to start out with.

Wich exotic would be a good one to start out with? and also guys I say this is part of my problem but I drift with it in automatic is that a problem iv not got the clutch and stuff down

Definitely wouldn’t use automatic i use regular manual myself and I drift just fine.

I figured that’s what I should use im getting online right now imma see what I can learn and accomplish lol ill change my tunes and attempt to use manual lol ill upload a video in about 15-20 minutes

Ok guys I think I figured it out (the handeling part at least)

I think now all I need to do is figure out how to enter the turns and get used to using the manual and ill be ok till I get used to the car

Firstly, stay in 3rd. 2nd is the devil

Secondly, Prague isn’t a very good track to learn. Pick something that’s flat, Prague has much too much elevation change on it.

Lastly, and just a matter of preference, I’d swap in the V8 into that S2000. Vtec’s are hard to drive for newcomers.

Well I was also using auto instead of manual I know that was some of my problem but ill try the swap and try a new track

With a lower powered car I’d even recommend using Manual w/ Clutch so that when the revs start to drop, you can just “kick” the clutch and bring them back up again. But you can drift just fine with only regular manual, just beware long sweepers in an underpowered car with too much tire under it.
Another technique you can’t do with anything other than manual w/ clutch is the shift lock. Basically, as you turn in, you downshift to the correct gear without rev matching, and it should break the rear end loose, and from there just add throttle and some opposite lock and you should be on your way.

I don’t know about the whole clutch thing but im going to try manual once I get the drift part down anyway lol im just taking it one step at a time and also whats everyones view on drifting with bmws? Are they a good car to start with?

In my opinion, yes. In the real world and in Forza I’ve enjoyed drifting an E36 M3, very well balanced, decent power out of the box for a beginner. Until more horsepower is added though, beware of too grippy and wide of a tire and it can teach you a few things.

Should be said I’ve sold the M3 and started building an AW-11 MR2 so… Yeah that car (The MR2) I wouldn’t say is for a beginner. Short wheelbase, plus mid-engine, and low power/torque. I took it to the track the day after I bought it, bone stock, and had a blast though. The weight at the back plus the rear dampers wearing out made it want to understeer lots, but I think that just made it more controllable. However it was prone to oversteer under braking, and some pretty violent snap-back if I threw the wheel too quickly to catch the slide after initiation. Can’t wait though, doing an engine swap and several other mods and taking it back out there. Would I recommend that car to drift with in Forza though? Umm… No, not for a beginner lol. For a veteran drifter though, it’s a hoot! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips man but iv decided to stay with my S2000 lol I had the tunning wrong that’s why I wasn’t doing so good